. 1Be feisty. Piper was very feisty, she had a temper too, so this is one thing 100% necessary to be Piper.

2. Be emotional. Piper was very emotional, she had every emotion possible throughout the series. It's essential and a brilliant quality to have.

3. Be a great cook. Piper was an amazing cook, she was a chef at Quake, cooked all the dinners and loved doing so. Pick up a few cookbooks and throw together dishes of your own.

4. Be close to your family. If there was one thing that mattered to Piper the most, it was family. She'd do anything for her sisters and loved her mom and Grams so much. Do the little things to show your family you care. Make your parents a cup of tea, visit your grandmother every now and again, appreciate your siblings.

5. Have good taste in men. Piper fell for good guys, with the exception of Jeremy. Go for guys that'll take care of you.

6. Be brave. Piper was perhaps the second bravest Halliwell (after Prue, who sacrificed herself) and protected anyone from danger, especially her sisters and children. Keep an eye out for someone sad or being picked on and stand up for them. Especially your siblings. Develop a need to protect those younger than yourself.

7. Be natural. Piper was never fake. She spoke her mind, dressed how she wanted and did what she wanted to and had to.

8. Be clean. Piper was always clean. She didn't always love cleaning but she knew it had to be done, so make sure everything you own is nice and tidy and in its place