1. Because they know each other since they were children.
2. Because she thought it would be exciting to meet a pirate and minutes later, she met him for the first time.
3. Because she saw him first.
4. Because she was in charge of him.
5. Because her father told her to take care of him.
6. Because she told him it's okay.
7. Because she promised to watch over him.
8. Because she had a dream about him.
9. Because he could never forget their first meeting.
10. Because she wanted him to call her Elizabeth.
11. Because he was mad at Jack for threatening her.
12. Because she said her last name was Turner.
13. Because he was very eager to save her.
14. Because he would die for her.
15. Because he's obsessed with her.
16. Because he bandaged her hand.
17. Because she thanked him for that.
18. Because although his hands were rough, she didn't want him to stop bandaging her hand.
19. Because they almost kissed on that boat!
20. Because she was sorry that she had taken the medallion.
21. Because she was sorry about being scared that he could be/is a pirate.
22. Because she asked for his forgiveness.
23. Because they're always scared when the other one is in danger.
24. Because he rescued her from the pirates.
25. Because she only accepted Commodore Norrington's proposal to save Will's life.
26. Because they are a great team.
27. Because he finally called her Elizabeth in front of her father.
28. Because he loved her from the first moment he met her.
29. Because she was never interested in Commodore Norrington.
30. Because her heart truly lies with Will.
31. Because they finally accepted the fact that he's a pirate.
32. Because they kissed at the end! Finally!
33. Because they often call each others first names even when the other one can't hear it.
34. Because Elizabeth Turner has a nice ring to it.
35. Because they saved each other...a lot.
36. Because it was their wedding day.
37. Because she let him know she'd wait for him.
38. Because if it wasn't for those bars, she would have had him right there.
39. Because she was back on board The Black Pearl looking for the man she loved...Will Turner.