My frndzzzzz here another part of 'му вєѕтιєѕ'...hope u like my article,as u know I've got the most coolest,osmest frndzzzz ever...sooo lucky..Hey!!don't be jealouse of me..:P

ღ Unaiza

My bestie....!!!Her name is Jeniffer..I call her Jenny,Jen..:D..she's soooo close to me,ma best sisy her soo much..she loves me so more that she surprised me on my bday by giving me a a club as a gift

ღ Liza12354

Trisha aka Liza is a really gr8 frnd of mine,she's like ma li'll sis..she lives in India..she's a huge fan Taylor Swift..she adores Tay unconditionally.she's really very helpful nd kind.

ღ Flora_swift

O..Flora,she's sweet as flowers,sweet as honey..she's soo cute..I just love her..she's also a huge Tay fan...I really love her icons..:D...really adore u,Hun

ღ Blueprincess02

Her name is Darkus...she change her acc soo many times..but whenever I can't talk with her i feel so sad..we both love each other endlessly....she really means a lot to me.

ღ Julvenmirian

She's new on fanpop but in short she became my sisy...she's soooo lovely..u will also fall in love with her when u will talk with her...she's her soo much

ღ Sshannahmontana

Her name is Abby.i've seen her real pic...have to admit she's superrrrcute.she's just like a doll,a cute doll,she can die for Austin Mahone,in my view biggest Mahone fan ever.she's soo amazing

ღ Evamitrai

Eva,would maybe the third person whom I talked first on fanpop.she was even till now is a hugeee fan of Miley..I love her as my sister..she's such a gr8 frnd of u Eva

ღ Warhan6

Another hugeeeeeeeee fan of Miley..she's Warveen,Soleen's sisy...but she also became my sisy..:D we know each other for a long time.she always defends Miley..I'm so glad to see her fandom ,really adore her

ღ Alishana

Alishana is soooooo cute,u won't believe it.she's like ma cuty pie.she's really nice to me..I started think her as ma sis when she wrote my name on Selena's pic as her best frnd on fanpop,I was soo happy,love ya babe

ღ Selgomez4ever

Now comes to one of the biggest Selenator ever in my view.i think she breaths for Selena..never seen such a huge fan b4.she's soooo helpful,can't describe.really love her a lot.i know she does love me too...:D

ღ Crystal Celeste

The Celestele family member Crystal...hehe..OMG!!!she's my osmmmmmmm sisy.she's really helpful,kind,u will find her soo sweet when u will talk to her,ma li'll u,Hun

ღ Mileym

Her name is Isabella,she lives in L.A.she was known to me from a year ago.she's my sis,ma frnd....really love her...She loves the old Miley..we have or I can say had a u my sweety

ღ OnedirectionBTR

My another bestie..she's really close to me..I miss her these days very her a lot...she's really very nice...her fav bands r 1D nd BTR

ღ Izzie900

Izzie is like my cute sis...I love her really a lot.we've been talking through massages..she's really sweet nd ma bestie

ღ Masnina

Now comes to our Vloger frnd Masnina....u got to see her vedios,she's sooo pretty nd all her vlogs r just osm.u have to see them..she loves me as a u honey

ღ Dawnlove92

My another bestie..she loves Miley too...yepeeee!!!i really love her nd her club.she's so helpful nd lovely....a gr8 sis of mine

ღ Cynti19

My helpful,osmmm sis...I think among my frnds she has the most medals..:D.she really sweet..whenever I ask her to help me,she does without any condition..sooo sweet..isn't it?!

ღ Mei97

She's really sweet to me...I've talked a few times with her on fanpop...she has become on of my bestie...hope she considers me u

ღ Yasmiler

She's new on fanpop nd also a huge fan of Miley like me...she's gr8,nice,cute..I've started knowing her for a li'll time..hope we will be best frndzzzz...

ღ Maria1307

She's really sweet..I love her clubs related to Miley..she loves Miley's books nd movies like me..:D.she's really a nice frnd

Love all my frnds equally..sry if I haven't describe any name..plzz make me remember so that I will use it to my next u all