• Super Smash Bros All-Stars Battle Royal!. Crossover of Super Smash Bros and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal. HD Wallpaper and background images in the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale club tagged: playstation playstation all-stars battle royal crossover super smash bros.

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    Crossover of Super Smash Bros and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal (Source: me)

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Super Smash Bros All-Star Battle Royal? I'm very original aren't I -_-

I'm a devoted Nintendo fan and I LOVE ALL Super Smash Bros games and on youtube I've heard about Playstation All-Star Battle Royal and it was going to be similar like Super Smash Bros, I checked it out to see how good it was and it was SENSATIONAL! I mean I won't save up for a Playstation and buy the game, but again Playstation All-Star Battle Royal really engaged me and looked heaps of fun. Like Super Smash Bros they used characters that are cool in fights and made them MORE awsome and use characters that aren't normally fighters into fighters you will love to play over and over again

And that's why I did this little piece right here.

Sometimes I wish Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox would make a fighting combat game like this, because they're are fans out their who support either 1 of the companies and love the characters they make and a fighting combat game like Super Smash Bros and/or Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal will bring them all together and settle their agreements with a friendly match on the game.

The background is supposed to be like Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

And this gives me an awsome idea for this story a neve gotten around doing link
Now that Tabuu gotten Mewtwo, Young Link, Pichu, Roy and Dr. Mario he started to make plans to control the Smash Universe, until he sensed somthing a another universe (Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal uinverse) he'll use this universe to gain more alliances to have complete control between both worlds.
Due to Tabuu unstabling the barriers between 2 worlds that's supposed to be sepreate. There will be Subspace tunnels connecting between both worlds worlds and appearing in different locations which will cause Super Smash Bros Characters and Playstion All-Star characters to meet and team-up to stop Tabuu's henchmen

Maybe somewhere in the story I'll have Solid Snake that he some-how ended up in the Smash Universe and will go back to the Playsation All-star universe (and maybe Samus stopping him because she loves him and he loves her)

About the picture:
I ship
& SnakexSamus
That's why they're so close to each other
I put Pikachu next to Cole because both are masters of electricity and it looked like Cole was Pikachu's trainer (at first I was going to put Pikachu next to Raiden but Cole and Pikachu looked better)
Everyone else was placed the way I thought looked good.
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