Sorrow fills the air
smoke from a cigarettes fill the room
begging to be free
im only beatin half to death
blood rains down my face just like a tear
never leaving and sign of life
small weak and useless they would tell me
but i never let i get in my way
i flew over riveres and dashed into hiding
for i was fearful and yet still feared
no one ever cared
no one ever spared
a dime a day for a week
never enough to fill my stomach
always regreting ever asking
but sign of hope came flying bye
a young boy the same age came walking over
"Do you want help" he said more than just sweet
he held out his and and i slowly grabbed it
he gave me the kindest smile i ever saw
13 and never yet have i ever learned to swim
kicking my feet waving my arm
i looked like a fool with no trace of cool
"Just be patient"The boy said with another smile
i stood up and began to laugh for he wandered why
he was all wet and not yet changed
"Oh come on its funny"i said holding out my hand
he grabbed it just like i grabbed his
softly and quietly so no one could hear
his beating pulse he had was different from mine
Thump...thump...thump it went while mine went
i never knew why but it made my cry so different
i held my thoughts inside
while his smile faded he left and i never saw him
i looked high and low far and near
but the sight wasn't clear
i remebered his heart beat and followed my nose
i bumped into alot of people but i knew
i had to keep going
by now i had turned 16 and i had no one to talk to after he left me alone
i felt my heart and felt in love
but i never would admit it
i cried and cried and cried for days weeks months
i never healed until i met Joseph
he cared for me and i cared for him
i felt like crying once again but tears of joy
not hateful spitful memories
Joseph stopped one day in the woods we walked and walked until we fell
no not fell as we fell to the ground
we fell in love my eyes met his
his hands grabbed my hands
our lips touched and it felt like magik between us
my heart slowed down and i felt the same beat as the last boy
it was shameful for me to love while still in love
i never wanted to leave
but once again i felt alone
i breathed a lonly breath and stopped for in knew
i knew that i would fly over the sky over the pond
and back into darkness after Joseph died and me as well
Depression help me make this i have another poem called isfortune and i will be listing all my poems up on my wall bye seeya