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The fans pick: It's an wonderful way for me to express my emotions
It&# 39; s an wonderful way for me...
Simple words. Complex...
The fans pick: No, but without all those exclamation points, he's good but not the best
No, but without all those...
The fans pick: Obesession
The fans pick: T.E Hulme's Autumn
The fans pick: William Wordsworth's I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud
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Ayaka said …
"Poetry is the embodiment of emotions trickling down the face until it reaches the paper, the written language of your inner voices and the unspoken truth of your heart."

-----G.A --- my initials, my quote. Posted 8 months ago
azabunny252 said …
Poetry is absolutely wonderful. Agreed? Agreed. Posted 11 months ago
irena83 said …
And as you were awakening everything
inside my trembling heart,
At that very moment you could see
the sun goes down
behing these dark clouds
Of my green aura... Posted over a year ago