Poetry I Love You For...

aman_zackncody posted on Mar 22, 2011 at 06:18PM
I Love You for giving your heart to me
and trusting me with your pride.
I Love You for wanting me
and needing me by your side.

I Love You for the emotions
I never knew I had.
I Love You for making me smile
whenever I feel sad.

I Love You for your thoughts of me
where I'm always on your mind.
I Love You for finding that part of me
that I never thought I had ...

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over a year ago ryans_love said…
this is really nice! thank you!
over a year ago annabeth-crazed said…
over a year ago AmberC2010 said…
You have a true talent. Your emotion really comes through.
over a year ago r260897 said…
over a year ago puja43 said…
love it
over a year ago Nico-di-Angelo said…
i love ur wording X)
over a year ago elizasmomma said…
i like it really i do