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r260897 said …
plz plz plz submit articles.................i m trying my best,,,,,,,,, Posted over a year ago
the-desiccator said …
Feeling so broken the blood will soon flow like wax and mud is sludges down so slow. Let lose of anger and all you think you know become the stranger to ones that give you a home. Washed out and faded the day has lost its glow so hold on tight and never let go cus in the darkniss you and the end are toe Posted over a year ago
Demonwolf1147 commented…
i like it over a year ago
jessicabh16 commented…
i love it u should write some more over a year ago
the-desiccator said …
nice life to live when your not liveing at all so quick you fall as your standing so tall so scream and bicker and waste all your time cus you nothing to me and you wont waste mine im biger then you and better as well so take your weekniss and burn in H..... Posted over a year ago
jackie12 commented…
oh my gush i love poetry andd diz is a aweosmee poem!!did u write diz? over a year ago
the-desiccator commented…
thank you :) yes this is one of mine. late nights = stuff like that most of the time for me lol over a year ago
jackie12 commented…
wow...ur amazing i lovee it(: writee moree pleasee(: over a year ago
Wolfgirl16 commented…
ya ur really gud over a year ago