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Hakros323 said …
You know what? I think I am on Team Popplio now.
Nothing against the other 2 starter, but Popplio is just too cute. Plus...I usually go with the water starters, anyways.
If I do managed to get both Sun & Moon, My Sun starter will be Rowlet and my Moon starter will be Popplio. Posted 16 days ago
TheAnimeQueen said …
Have a look at the Pokemon Icon Contest! See if it's your thing and please feel free to join at any round! Here's the link!

link Posted 18 days ago
Hakros323 said …
I'm starting to have second thoughts on who my starter should be. Rowlet is cute, and I like the grass/flying starter thing, but Popplio...
Ooooh, the more I look at Popplio, the cuter it gets ♥. Now I'm torn between Rowlet and Popplio!
How does one choose between a owl and a sea lion? Posted 18 days ago
CokeTheUmbreon commented…
I'm going with Litten. 18 days ago
pumpkinqueen commented…
♥Popplio♥ 18 days ago
CokeTheUmbreon commented…
It's final evolution better not be shit. 13 days ago