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pokefreak26 said …
Hey guys! I'm new, so most of you don't know me, but i love rp and I just started a pokemon one not too long ago. It would be great if some of you would join. Thanks! Posted 2 days ago
pokefreak26 said …
Hey all, I'm new and just wanted to ask if u guys would fan me and check out my forum posts. Thanks! Posted 3 days ago
TAIKAMODO commented…
Wazzup! Welcome to the club, and nice Gajeel pic by the way! 3 days ago
pokefreak26 commented…
Thanks! I am hopelessly in love with fairy tail! If your in the club you should check out my latest forum post 3 days ago
RainSoul said …
Pokemon Yaoi I love... Yaio FTW! <3 (I'm so weird, but loves love right? =.=)

In no order.~

- Green x Red
- N x Black
- Wallance x Steven
- Silver x Gold
- Gray x Ash
- Paul x Ash
- Brock x Ash
- Cilan x Ash
- ClingyShipping Posted 1 month ago