To make a Pokemon Sprite, first make sure you have the program 'Paint' and get that up. Now you need to get some real Pokemon Sprites. Go to and look at the top left corner and click on sprites. Go to Diamond and Pearl sprites male. Then you can try female. (There are more boy Pokemon than there are girls)Click on a Pokemon and click on 'Alt' and 'Print Screen' at the same time on your keyboard. Now go to paint and paste it. Use the bow tool to go around the sprite on the window you copied. Then click on undo and then click paste. Do the same thing for the next Pokemon. Click on transparent before you start with what is ahead. Go to magnify and click on times two. Click on the box tool again and circle a part on one of the Pokemon. Copy and paste it. Don't forget to erase what you don't need! Then erase a place on the other Pokemon so it fits. (Or overwrite it if possible.) Do as many parts as you like. Now for recoloring. Take the eyedropper tool. Look at the Pokemon that you changed and Left-Click with the eyedropper tool on the color you want to change. Then go to the other Pokemon and Right-Click on the color you want to replace it with. Take the eraser tool next and hold the Right Mouse Button. Now scrub the eraser, (While holding the button), all over the Pokemon. Do this with the colors as much as you want. Now you have a new Pokemon! This can be a hobby. Go on and practice, you'll make awesome Pokemon Sprites! One more thing, click on Undo if you make a mistake!
(P.S. The picture in the top right hand corner is a sprite I made out of all the legendary Pokemon Sprites and the bottom one is a template showing all the Pokemon and what it turned into!)