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Eagun and Beluh from Colosseum = Ash and Misty

Thoughts? I thought it fit almost too perfectly. Eagun's Pikachu is his life-long friend, and he used to be one of the toughest trainers around. Also, if the main character's partner is their granddaughter, and she has red hair, it could be because it is a trait passed down by her grandmother. Just me?
 SamNotSammy posted over a year ago
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babydollrox said:
I definitely believe this:

My first clue was in Colosseum when Eagun fought with a high level Pikachu, his entire energetic and slightly ditsy personality matches that of Ash's - but there's a lot more clues than that.

Eagun has seen Ho-oh twice in his lifetime, we also know this to be true of Ash, and his grandaughter, Rui, has an uncanny resemblane to Misty - suggesting his wife, Beluh, really is Misty. We know the game is set in the future because of gadgets such as the hover scooter, and the snag machine, and a real time is never specified.

One last thing - in the Anime, Ash's Pikachu always grows in levels, and then starts at the bottom again at the beginning of each new series - not unlike Eagun, who has a lv50 Pikachu in Colosseum - then has a lv10 Pikachu at the start of XD

It all adds up!
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posted over a year ago 
nickm3 said:
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posted over a year ago 
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