"I can't believe the contest is in an hour!" I exclaim. "Snivy!" Snivy cries. "Duck! Lett! Duck!" I hear a Pokemon's cry. "Did you hear that?" I ask my Grass-Type starter. She shakes her head. Which means no. Hm. Maybe this is all in my head. But, I swear I heard a Pokemon cry out! As I walk along in the town, there's a pond behind a building. "Duck! Duck!" I run towards the pond and I see a Duck-like Pokemon. My pokedex rings inside of my black and white bag. "Huh?" I take my black electronic encyclopedia out. Ducklett. The Water Bird Pokemon. When attacked, it uses its feathers to splash water, escaping under cover of the spray. "A Ducklett? Water and Flying. A perfect Pokemon to catch for the very first time!" "Snivy!" Pulling an empty pokeball out, I smile. "Alright Snivy, go fight it!" I call to Snivy. "Vy!" She jumps off of my shoulder and lands on the ground. "Duck?!?!" The Ducklett looks scared but ready to fight. "Use Vine Whip!" Green long vines come from Snivy's neck and they whip at Ducklett. "Lett!" Ducklett lets out a painful cry. "Kay! Let's see if this'll work! Pokeball! " I overhand throw the pokeball towards Ducklett's head. It hits her and opens in mid-air. The Water Bird Pokemon is sent into the red-and-white ball. It shakes once...twice...and three times. DING! "Yes! I caught a Ducklett!" I cheer. "Come and join us Ducklett!" I toss the pokeball in the air. Ducklett makes an appearance as my new Pokemon! "Lett! Duck! Lett! Duck! Duck!" Kneeling to the ground so I can make eye contact with Ducklett, I give a warm smile to her. "I believe we haven't properly met. I'm Victoria and this is Snivy." I introduce me and Snivy. "Duck?" Ducklett tilts her head to the right in a question-ing way. "We're gonna compete in a Pokemon Contest today! So, let's get ready! Return!" I hold out the pokeball and it sucks Ducklett in. Ready to go.