Note: Sceptile has heard about Charizard before, at Oak's Lab, but Charizard has not heard about him. And this is a translation to human language.

The scenario: Sceptile's Solarbeam (Or Bullet Seed) has collided with Charizard's Flamethrower. Thus, his usual greeting for Ash has been stopped. He lands on the ground, as Sceptile jumps down from a tree.

Charizard: (Angrily growling) "What do you think you're doing?!"

Sceptile: (Growling too) "Stopping you from attacking my trainer!"

Charizard: "Your trainer?! Hey! He's my trainer, too!"

Sceptile: "So... You're the famous Ash's Charizard. (Raises his claws up) You don't know how long I've been waiting to meet you!"

Charizard: "That's nice. May I get back to greeting Ash now?!"

Sceptile: "I was acutally here first. So, you're the one guilty on interrupting a greeting!"

Charizard: (Growls even louder) "Yeah right! Who do you think you are?!"

Sceptile: "A Pokemon like you, who you don't want to mess with!"

Charizard: "Oh really?! (Stomps his foot on the ground) Why don't you prove it, whoever you are!?"

Sceptile: "The name's Sceptile. And is that a challenge I hear from you, Charizard?!"

Charizard: "If you want to fight, then bring it on!"

Sceptile: (Begins walking towards Charizard, and ends up walking in circles around him) "Must things like this end up in battle. Come on. We both belong to the same trainer. But, I guess that's a fire type's nature; always a hothead!"

Charizard: (Angrily puts his hand/claw out, stopping Sceptile's progress) "What did you say?! Noone insults me like that! I don't care who or what we are. I won't let you get away with insulting me like that!"

Sceptile: (Smirks, and laughs, while he begins to walk away) "So, Ash's Charizard wants a fight, does he?! Well now. (Turns around and heads back towards Charizard) This could be fun!"

Charizard: "Come here, Sceptile!"

(The two lock/butt heads)

Sceptile: "Now we'll see who the better powerhouse really is!"

Charizard: "Oh, I'll show you what I'm made of. You'll be the ground so fast, that you'll be begging for mercy before you know it!"

Sceptile: "I'd like to see you try!"

Charizard: "That's it! You're mine!"

Sceptile: "Bring it!"

(The fight begins...)