In this fan fiction April the grass guardian Is starting her journey and this time without her aura gaurdian brother ash.


A girl with emerald green eyes puts on her pink hat showing her green streaks in her hair. Mom I'm leaving bye I said while running out the door. I hope professor oak hasn't given away any good Pokemon. My brother ash is Pokemon master he left home when I was a baby and I plan to become just like him.

Well April your hear first of all so i still have all the Pokemon hear unlike ash you where hear on time. He started laughing while he said it. I have a charmander, squrtle, eviee, or a bulbsasour.

Hmmmmm I'll take eviee scense it can evolve into over 3 forums. I pick up eviee and hug it. This was my first Pokemon ever.

Ok then she's yours but I most give you a celibe scense you are the grass gaurdian plus celibe gaurdian.

Ok then I'll take good care of it. With that being said I leave the lab unknown that my first battle Is coming up soon