... That the only Type not to have a Legendary Pokémon is Poison?

... That there are seven Eeveelutions, and that each of them only has one Type?

... That Flash is the first HM to become a TM up to Generation IV?

... That Articuno and Zapdos were the only ones with their Type until Delibird from Generation II and Emolga from Generation V came along?

... That Misty's Togepi was actually supposed to be Ash's?

... That Charizard is not a Dragon-Type? It is Fire/Flying?

... That Klinklang's Japanese name, Gigigear, is the second Pokémon to have gigig in it's name, the first being Regigigas?

... That the last three Grass-Type starters are based on reptiles?

... That Ash has caught all of the Grass-Type starters?

... That the stone statues in Desert Resort are actually Darmanitan in Zen Mode?

... That in Pokémon Black and White, N and Alder have a Vanilluxe?

... That when a new generation starts (with the exception of the first), Pikachu gets overloaded?

... That Professor Rowan is the only professor in the games where you don't meet one of their relatives?

... That Ash's Totodile is the only Johto starter Pokemon not to evolve into its second form?

... That Joltik is the smallest Pokémon and Wailord is the biggest.

... That Caterpie and Goldeen have the same cry?

... That the Kanto and Johto regions don't have a Legendary Dragon-type Pokémon?

... That when it rains, Hurricane always hits targets without missing?

... That Genesect, Meloetta and Keldeo are the only current Pokémon that are not released?

... That there was originally 15 types and that Dark and Steel was added in Johto?

... That when pikachus meet, instead of shaking hands or rubbing noses, they interlock their tails.

... That's Ash Ketchum's voice is actually done by a woman? The same actress who plays Ash, also voices his mother!

... That Pokemon episode number 35, "The Ledgendary Dratini", got banned in the U.S. because too many guns were shown in the episode?

... That when Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl, its swirl changes direction.

... That the maximum amount of points you can receive in Pokemon Snap is 17,378,000.

... That Raikou is the only legendary Pokemon Ash hasn't encountered in the anime or in one of the movies.

... That in the anime, the inside of Charizard's wings are colored green, but in the games, they are colored with more of a blue tint.

... That Heatran is the first (and currently only) legendary Pokemon that can either be male or female.

... That Bayleef is the tallest of any of the second-stage starter evolutions.

... That Eevee is the only Pokemon that is given to you by an NPC in all four generations

... That Zigzagoon and Aipom are the only Pokemon with the Pickup ability that can keep it when they evolve.

... That Despite Psyduck's PokeDex entries talking about its headaches and psychic powers, it's not a Psychic type (neither is Golduck)

... That every Electric-type Gym Leader has light-colored hair. They are also the only leaders to wear military-styled clothes

... That Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee are the only Pokemon that weren't previously related, then later gained a shared pre-evolution

... That Latias and Latios were the first legendary Pokemon to have set genders, or even genders at all

... That Mew was the only Pokemon of the first 151 to be left out of the original version of the Pokerap

... That Sneasel and Weavile are the only two Ice-types able to learn Surf without being Water-type as well.

... That Lickilicky is the only Normal-type Pokemon that can learn the move Explosion

... That no Slowpoke has ever been seen using an attack in the Anime, despite showing up multiple times

... That there has never been a bug-type Pokemon that can learn Fly or Surf.

... That Poison-types can't be poisoned. The same goes for Steel-types.

... That Missingno doesn't exist in Pokemon Green. Only Red and Blue.

... That dragon Pokemon are the only type to be featured in every Generation's Pokemon League.

... That Mareep is an anagram of ampere, the measure of electrical current.

... That Girafarig, Ho-oh, and Eevee are the only Pokemon whose names are Palindromes (spelled the same forwards and backwards)

... That when the show was first being planned, Ash was originally going to be given a Clefairy. It was switched out at the last minute with Pikachu.