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Veronica Taylor says 'pikachu use thunderbolt!'

Hitler finds out Pokemon aren't real.

Pokéshipping~I Won't Say I'm In Love~

Pokemon episode 274:Gotta Catch Ya later!-Part 3

Pokemon episode 274:Gotta Catch Ya later!-Part 2

Pokemon episode 274:Gotta Catch Ya later!-Part 1

Ash vs Danny (part 2)

Ash vs Danny (part 1)

MMD Newcomer Pokemon Trainer Dawn

A real fan of Pokemon! Don't mess with him lol

brock's best line EVER

A bouncing vaporeon

Pikachu has a friend in Ash

Pokémon in real life 3

Pokemon iris think's pikachu is kawaii!!!

Dragon's Den Remix

Pokemon Spell Of The Unknown- Lisa Vs Ash

top 20 pokemon

all legendary pokemon

Pikachu killed Milotic

Icons commercial

Pokémon Special Opening 2

Pokémon Black & White - Opening - Special

Pokemon Rumble Blast - Nintendo World Store launch footage


barry(from pokemon)/sakura(from ccs)

Pikachu Black and White

Misty DOES NOT Hint at Marriage!

Pokémon Opening Theme Song - COMBINED MIX!

My Shiny Treecko

N & White - Tribute

【pksp替え歌】こっ.ち向.いて【歌.って描.いてみた】 [HD]

How to Catch Prof. Oak in Pokemon Red/Blue

How to get to Glitch City

MMD BROCK from POKEMON ♥ NEW Adorable Model ♥ Matryoshka

Snivy punches Oshawott's salad

Pokemon Sigla Italiana Oltre I Cieli Dell'Avventura

Dawn does the Popipo dance

05 - Britney Spears - Soda Pop (Pokemon The First Movie Soundtrack) HQ - YouTube

swablu learns to fly,then ash has a try

Pokemon: The Song of Robot's Ear

When I get home Red Always Pretends to be Dead


【ポケモン】マトリョシカ躍らせてみた【手描き】 [HD]

Espeongirl360 Random Pokemon Rant

Extremely Random Pokemon Videos

Random Pokemon Stuff XD

Racheal Lillis: Voice Actor of Jessie, Misty and Jigglypuff


Jungle Fever: Leafeon vs. Sneasel!

PearlShipping~Everytime we touch

Cilan's Girly Scream

Lyra asks Dawn about Ash being her boyfriend!

Lyra asks Dawn if Ash is her boyfriend!

We All Live In A Pokemon World

MMD Pokemon BW Emolga (Updated Version)


[MMD] Pokemon Black and White Matryoshka


Triple Baka- Pichu Style (Full Version)

Ash and May-Everytime We Touch

[MMD] Pokemoshka

MMD Touko Nyan Nyan

MMD Leavanny's Perfect Math Class

Celebi Popipo

Funny MMD Pokemon Encounter

Original Pokemon Theme

Parody - Pokémoshka (Himawari Version) (ポケモシカ)

ash vs paul sinnoh league

Pokemon-Friends to the End-Ending

Together we'll make a promise-Movie 9 ending

Veronica Taylor signs Gligar13Vids Nintendo DS @Matsuricon

Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle

Squirtle has fallen and can't get Up!!

GuardianAngelshipping Tibute

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tribute-I Just Can't Stop Loving You

Contestshipping ~Today Was a Fairytale~

Advanceshipping~Together we'll Make a Promise~

Together Forever

pokemon spoof

Pokemon Opening/Intro - [Dragon Soul] by Vic Mignogna

Pokemon SSBB Melt

Len and Rin sing Pokemon Route 1

Len and Rin sing the Pokemon Center Song

Pokemon Girls: Love and Joy


Cilan/Dent wants Fabulous

Misty wants to marry Ash

Rebecca Black vs. Nyan Cat


Nyan Pikachu

Pokemon Nyan Cat

Pokemon Adventures-Ruby:Fukkireta



Pokemon Adventures-Gold:Get Down


Misty May and Dawn Don't Wanna Be Like Cinderella

Ikarishipping-Forever & Always

Oh, it's just Team Rocket