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Ash vs Danny (part 2)

Ash vs Danny (part 1)

MMD Newcomer Pokemon Trainer Dawn

A real fan of Pokemon! Don't mess with him lol

brock's best line EVER

A bouncing vaporeon

Pikachu has a friend in Ash

Pokémon in real life 3

Pokemon iris think's pikachu is kawaii!!!

Dragon's Den Remix

Pokemon Spell Of The Unknown- Lisa Vs Ash

top 20 pokemon

all legendary pokemon

Pikachu killed Milotic

Icons commercial

Pokémon Special Opening 2

Pokémon Black & White - Opening - Special

Pokemon Rumble Blast - Nintendo World Store launch footage


barry(from pokemon)/sakura(from ccs)

Pikachu Black and White

Misty DOES NOT Hint at Marriage!

Pokémon Opening Theme Song - COMBINED MIX!

My Shiny Treecko

N & White - Tribute

【pksp替え歌】こっ.ち向.いて【歌.って描.いてみた】 [HD]

How to Catch Prof. Oak in Pokemon Red/Blue

How to get to Glitch City

MMD BROCK from POKEMON ♥ NEW Adorable Model ♥ Matryoshka

Snivy punches Oshawott's salad

Pokemon Sigla Italiana Oltre I Cieli Dell'Avventura

Dawn does the Popipo dance

05 - Britney Spears - Soda Pop (Pokemon The First Movie Soundtrack) HQ - YouTube

swablu learns to fly,then ash has a try

Pokemon: The Song of Robot's Ear

When I get home Red Always Pretends to be Dead


【ポケモン】マトリョシカ躍らせてみた【手描き】 [HD]

Espeongirl360 Random Pokemon Rant

Extremely Random Pokemon Videos

Random Pokemon Stuff XD

Racheal Lillis: Voice Actor of Jessie, Misty and Jigglypuff


Jungle Fever: Leafeon vs. Sneasel!

PearlShipping~Everytime we touch

Cilan's Girly Scream

Lyra asks Dawn about Ash being her boyfriend!

Lyra asks Dawn if Ash is her boyfriend!

We All Live In A Pokemon World

MMD Pokemon BW Emolga (Updated Version)


[MMD] Pokemon Black and White Matryoshka


Triple Baka- Pichu Style (Full Version)

Ash and May-Everytime We Touch

[MMD] Pokemoshka

MMD Touko Nyan Nyan

MMD Leavanny's Perfect Math Class

Celebi Popipo

Funny MMD Pokemon Encounter

Original Pokemon Theme

Parody - Pokémoshka (Himawari Version) (ポケモシカ)

ash vs paul sinnoh league

Pokemon-Friends to the End-Ending

Together we'll make a promise-Movie 9 ending

Veronica Taylor signs Gligar13Vids Nintendo DS @Matsuricon

Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle

Squirtle has fallen and can't get Up!!

GuardianAngelshipping Tibute

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Tribute-I Just Can't Stop Loving You

Contestshipping ~Today Was a Fairytale~

Advanceshipping~Together we'll Make a Promise~

Together Forever

pokemon spoof

Pokemon Opening/Intro - [Dragon Soul] by Vic Mignogna

Pokemon SSBB Melt

Len and Rin sing Pokemon Route 1

Len and Rin sing the Pokemon Center Song

Pokemon Girls: Love and Joy


Cilan/Dent wants Fabulous

Misty wants to marry Ash

Rebecca Black vs. Nyan Cat


Nyan Pikachu

Pokemon Nyan Cat

Pokemon Adventures-Ruby:Fukkireta



Pokemon Adventures-Gold:Get Down


Misty May and Dawn Don't Wanna Be Like Cinderella

Ikarishipping-Forever & Always

Oh, it's just Team Rocket

Team Rocket's Best Motto Scene

MewTwo deleted scene

Paul, tell Dawn why

The Way Dawn loved Paul

pokemon theme songs

My top 10 Pokemon shippings