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Oh, it's just Team Rocket

Team Rocket's Best Motto Scene

MewTwo deleted scene

Paul, tell Dawn why

The Way Dawn loved Paul

pokemon theme songs

My top 10 Pokemon shippings

Megacon 2009 - Vic, Aaron, Caitlen and Colleen singing the Pokemon Theme song!

MegaCon 2009 - Caitlen, Colleen, VIc and Aaron are asked what their favorite Pokemon is


S a f e // Pikashipping

FerriswheelShipping Tribute

SoulSilverShipping Tribute!

Starter Pokemon Tribute

Grass Type Pokemon Tribute

Water Type Pokemon Tribute

Kids' WB! Top Toons Tune Master Pokemon

Casey/Nanako's Victory Song

[Pokemon]Black and Golurk's Epic Adventure

mayXash advanceshipping

Cilan's Awesome Scream

Ego & Novelshipping Tribute


misty goodbye

cutest Jigglypuff song

[MMD] Dawn

[MMD]Pokemon May

MMD Hilda Dawn May by Nyon

Dawn/Hikari~ Say Goodbye

Palletshipping Tribute

James is the best thing that's ever been Jessie's

SommelierShipping Tribute

Best scene ever! XD

Mewtwo vs. Mew Amv


Pokémon Rumble Blast - trailer

Iris-Bad Reputation

Pokemon Lyra Only Girl In The World

Pikachu-Tik Tok

Growlithe Is The Girl Next Door

Plusle and Minun dance to the Carmelldansen!

The Pikachu Song

493 pokemon in 54 seconds!

14 themes

Pokemon Girls vs. Mermaid Melody Girls


Ashley Tisdale feat.Pikachu-I choose you

Smosh pokemon theme song REVENGE!


Pika Pika Yukai

You just got Gary Oak'd!

Ash is getting.....

Water Weak to Fire?

Miku battle in Pokemon

Pokemon Movie 3 Anime Remix

Pearlshipping Moments 4

Pearlshipping Moments 3

Pearlshipping Moments 2

Pearlshipping Moments 1

Pearlshipping-Don't think I'll understand

World is Mine-Contestshipping

~Tangled up in Me~~Pokeshipping~

Pearlshipping-Last Kiss

Not a Raichu

Arceus Bless the Broken Road ~Pokeshipping~

Pokemon Shippings-Mine

Pokémon Japanese Ending 19-Pokémon Counting Song

Miku sings Gym theme

Pokemon in Real Life (Parts 1 and 2)

Pokemon: Chuck Norris

JB hit with a water bottle pokemon style

Pokemon: Justin Bieber battles Puberty

Giovanni Dancing!

Pokemon Gurls

See the R

N's Lament

This is a Pokemon Halloween

Pearlshipping-Dawn's Song

How to draw Pikachu

Pokemon Shippings


Johto Pokerap


Poké - Couples - Gay Boyfriend

Poké Idol (worning-some mature content!)

Pikachu gets a visit from Ash(AND HES NO HAPPY)

Gary Oak: The real deal compared to Ash


Jun/Barry moments

Gary Oak: The Life of a Rival

Pokemon: I CHOOSE GARY!!

Its called the S-U-N

I'm Gary Oak Cover



Lets Play: Pokemon Heart Gold! Pt. 1- Enter Isaac and Bill!

Ash is Stupid

Pokemon Censored

Pokemon Censored Theme Songs

THE Funniest pokemon moment ever!!!