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i LOVE this show! :D Posted over a year ago
SHINE_SHINE commented…
you guys should really watch it (only australia) its starts at 8:30am on Sunday! and monday is 5:00pm over a year ago
Sushi7777 commented…
yes!! everyone has to!! =w= over a year ago
SHINE_SHINE commented…
who doesn't... without asian pop this world sucks TT__TT over a year ago
Sushi7777 said …
One of the best shows invented!!!! ^^
who doesn't like popasia?!!!!
(don't answer this is if u don't like asian-pop!!!!!!!! T^T) Posted over a year ago
miyuchan7 said …
whenever it's sunday, i always wake up at 7am...then i think to myself,
"i'm gonna stay awake and wait until 8:30 for PopAsia..."
i always fall asleep after promising myself that! Posted over a year ago
Jenjen_bunny said …
Awesome show!!!

:D Posted over a year ago
big smile
mangamoo01 said …
The perfect way to spend your Sunday mornings! ^ .^ Posted over a year ago
salt_and_pepper said …
gonna watch popasia tomorow :D
Posted over a year ago
miyuchan7 commented…
me watched it!!! me happy =w= over a year ago
big smile
miyuchan7 said …
popasia~ can't wait for tomorrow Posted over a year ago