"Bye! Good luck!" cried my friend Lisa as I pulled my car away. "Bye!" I called back to my roommate.

The day was finally here! I was going to an interview for Aperture Science! I felt my hands shake with excitement on the steering wheel. In just a month, I might have a job as a scientist!

I drove to the address the lady on Aperture's phone had told me. A white building stood there, with a sign saying "Aperture Laboratories" above a glass door.

My legs suddenly felt wobbly as I opened the car door and eagerly leapt forward to the building. What if I don't get a job? I asked myself, scared. However, I forced myself to walk up to the glass door.

A tall man with brown hair and brown eyes was standing by the door. "Hello, I'm Cave Johnson," he said, stretching out a hand, "CEO of Aperture Science. Are you Caroline White?" "Um..." I stammered. "Y-yes, I am."

Cave-I mean, Mr. Johnson-led me down a hallway, until we got to a door. He opened it for me and I carefully stepped inside.

"So, let's get down to business," Mr. Johnson said, reaching out a hand. I handed him my resume, and he flipped through the pages. "23... majors in science... what type of science do you like the best?" he asked me.

"Really everything." I answered each question truthfully, until almost two hours had passed. Cave looked up at me, his eyes twinkling. "I have an idea."

"Would you rather be a plain old scientist or Cave Johnson's personal assistant?"

I was about to stare at him in shock, but then he added, "Well, you would be a head scientist as well as my assistant, if you chose that. But you can be just a plain, sad old scientist."

I thought hard for a moment. Then I looked up at him. "I'll be your personal assistant," I said quietly, "But only if I am a head scientist, like you said."

Cave Johnson grinned at me. "Deal!" he cried, and we shook hands.

And thus began my life as an Aperture Scientist.