Milysz-sup it's chapter 2 of "what if like them!"
Miyako-how exciting * *
Kaoru-milysz doesn't own us or anything but the story * *
Momoko-any way to the story
Milysz-its a fanfic!
Kaoru-lets go to the fanfic..plz
...with miyako at spainish class...
'i wish I could see him as his old self this is how he is now and I have to except it' thought miyako "miyako are you okay?" asked a familiar voice....wait it was taka-chan "what...oh hi taka-chan" said as she made her bubbly smile as always (taka-chan became obssesed with baseball after he got cured and miyako is still popular but not as before) "hi miyako-chan" taka-chan said with his flirty smile 'urg can he get any worse right now ' thought miyako until a voice interupted them "are you too listening at all" said ..of course the spainish teacher Mrs.lopez 'did I feel my belt just went off?' miyako thought then miyako raised her hand again "yes miyako?" asked the Mrs.lopez "i have a really bad head ach. Can I go to the nurse?" said dizzy miyako 'woah that's the first time I saw miyako get a head ach' thought taka-chan "yes miyako and miyako please be careful" replied Mrs.lopez "okay and thank you" miyako said while she left the room
Milysz-plz I beg n I never do tht n agun I'm on my fone typing it wit a stupid small fone
Kaoru-i think she's has her period
Miyako-be nice
Momoko-as she said plz r&r