1. Get some clear plastic wrap and completely cover a door way. Be sure to set up a camera to capture the face as your mom or dad walks into it.

2. Set your parents alarm clock to 2 hours before it's actually time to wake up, then set another one for 1 hour before it's time to wake up. They'll go back to sleep after the first one, but the second one will really get them up!

3. Empty out your moms' shampoo bottle and put baby oil in it. Make sure your mom has a huge sense of humor, or you'll be yelled at for days. Baby oil doesn't wash out really easily!

4. Of course the old lotto trick! Who could forget that? Get some fake scratch off tickets and have them scratch away! Be sure to record it on camera!

5. If you have a good cop friend, have him follow your mom or dad around in the cop car for about a good ten minutes. Then have the officer pull them over asking them to search the car for drugs (make sure you put some oregano in a sandwich bag under the seat). Your parents will tell them they can search the car, because they don't do drugs so nothing to hide right? Wrong! The officer will find the drugs and attempt to arrest your mom or dad! Once the officer puts your parents in the back seat, that's when he says "April Fools Day from your kids!"

6. If you're a school kid, have one of your teachers help you with your April Fools trick. Why not get the whole class to do it? Type up a letter stating that you've been a bad kid in school, not listening, not doing homework, being disruptive in class, etc. Then have the teacher sign it, and mail it to your parents! (It should arrive on April Fools Day). Be sure to include a real number for your teacher, they will want to call him or her about the situation. Have her play along for a minute or two, then have the teacher tell your parent "April Fools!"

7. Get some of that "police line: Do Not Cross" tape and put it around the whole house when your parents aren't home. Fake a murder in your living room. This one takes a few materials, like a dummy doll, some ketchup, a kitchen knife, or whatever you can use to be creative. Call a cop to come to your house at the time your parents will arrive home from work. Some cops love helping people with April Fools tricks. Tell the cop to explain there's been a murder in their house. They'll be worried sick, until you tell them "Ha-ha! Happy April Fools Day!" Be certain to catch this on video camera!

8. Get on your parents computer and go to the control panel. Then click on mouse options, and switch the left and right buttons. This is especially funny if your parents aren't computer savvy!

9. Put Vaseline on all the door knobs, even put it on things they frequently use, like the remote control buttons, toilet seats, sink knobs, even on their shampoo bottles and soap bars!