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michaelboot said …
I got some Phyllocrania Paradoxa(ghost mantis) nimph's and some Sphodromantis Lineola(just regular green mantids) nimph's also an L6 Hymenopus Coronatus(orchid mantis) and I love them. Posted over a year ago
CrazyCatLady said …
Happy Halloween Every One! Posted over a year ago
KaulitZfan said …
my mom is SOOOOOOO scard af them im not Posted over a year ago
beepboop said …
I have a pet praying Mantis named Queenie she is 1 year old and i got her cuz a bird was about to eat her and i saved her! :)
Posted over a year ago
big smile
beepboop said …
Females have all the power they eat their mate lol! Posted over a year ago