Ok so its been months since the thought of Ezra being A has been put in our heads and I think the viewers votes are split 50/50 on this. My personal opinion is that he is A.

So just here me out on this, way back in the summer when the girls discovered A' s lair, people brought up that Ezra followed the girls there and was angry that Aria hadn't told him about the new A and this is why he slammed the door and I have to admit that I thought this could be the case also that was until the show returned this Januray and yes we can argue the case that the show is making it way to obvious for Ezra to be A and that he is being rather sloppy in his actions ie searching Hanna's room with her mum down stairs and yes I do partly agree with this, but the one thing I can't get out of my head as much as I try is Ali' s diary.

This may seem like a minor thing to some of you, it did to me too until 415. We learn that the only people who know about the diary is Ali (obviously) the 4 liars and A and if this is the case then why was Ezra so fixcateed on it, I mean if he isn't A then how could he know about it, the girls havnt told anyone about it (that we know of) and there is no way he could have seen it in the lair as Hanna took it before Ezra entered.

So this is what lead me to the conclusion that Ezra is A or at least apart of the A team and after the 4th Feb episode I know longer think he is a nice guy and that he can' t be redemed.
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