Pride and Prejudice Which version is best?

hyperhobbit07 posted on Dec 05, 2006 at 04:43AM
What is your favorite version of Pride and Prejudice?

Is it the A&E version with Colin Firth?!?
Or the newest version with Keira Knightley?
Maybe even Bollywood's "Bride and Prejudice"

Let your voice be heard!!!

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over a year ago jerseygirl said…
Haha...great question! I saw all three. Bride and Prejudice was fun but a bit too campy and cheesy for my taste. I LOVED Keira as Elizabeth and thought that they did a great job on the film. But how can anyone touch the great A&E classic with the perfect Darcy Mr. Colin Firth? :)
over a year ago ktnew said…
ive seen all all three....but you CANNOT beat A&E version!!!(ok whats that??? i call it the BBC version!) the whole jumping in the lake thing...oooh!!!

is it me or did everyones hair look really bad in the keira k version...and if anyone has the dvd have they seen the alternative US ending...its crap!!!! y would they ever end it so badly!?!
over a year ago lovetv said…
It has to be the A&E/BBC version. The Keira Knightly film is good if you want a P&P fix but don't have the 6hours to spare :)

Also the film seemed to try to make it real....that the charaters wouldn't have washed and that there was dirt everywhere...Jane Austan is not about dirt...she was about love and yummy men!

The alternative ending is a bit weird but i would have been happy if they had added on only hour or two!!!
over a year ago MegG said…
Well I own all three and for me it's got to be the Keira Knightly version. I know I pretty much have to stand alone on this one but I just had to say it and for the alternative ending I thought it a cute look into Darcy and Elizabeth's life at Pemberly.

Oh and I think we all know Bride and Prejudice can't touch the other two but it still holds a speical place in my heart and DVD case. lol
over a year ago jenoufan said…
there are actually 4 versions. there is one that is like a mormom version that is actually not bad. it changes things quite a bit though which i don't like. to me the best version is the A & E version. anyone who likes the book more than likely would like the A&E version because it tells the story in the best and most complete way. the kiera knightly i liked but to me they made elizabeth to be a bit to immature. and yeah, everyone looks dirty to me too. i don't know why they did that i guess maybe to make you realize that they did live in the country. but some times you couldn't tell the difference between the servants and people with money. but i loved the last scene with his coat flying in the wind. awesome. i don't know why but the long coat gets me.
over a year ago robbbie85 said…
The best version is the 1945 version. No one beats Olivier at acting, and he is simply superb as Mr. Darcy.
over a year ago chel1395 said…
Colin Firth IS Mr Darcy, plain and simple. I enjoyed the 2005 version and Bride and Prejudice, but the 1995 film is by far my favorite.
over a year ago kateliness2 said…
Bride and Prejudice is nothing compared to the other two. The 1995 film is amazing but as much as I love it and as many times as I have watched it, I always thought that there was something missing, something subtle that it needed to make it just right. The 2005 version is definitely my favorite, it had what all other versions lacked and I just can't place my finger on it. Really helpful, I know ;)
over a year ago charleybrown said…
The 1995 miniseries is a classic and is in a class of its own! The 2005 movie with Keira was good but just can't cover the depth in 2 hours that the 6 hour version does. As for Bride and Prejudice, I love Indian films and couldn't wait to see a movie that combined this genre with P&P but sadly I was disappointed in the outcome.

By the way, for all the people voting on their favourite version in the polls, has everyone seen both versions? I somehow feel that younger viewers are choosing the Keira Knightley film just because it's current.
over a year ago jessy2792 said…
Well I also have to choose the 2005 version.(To charleybrown) I don't prefer it because it's the current version, but for me the movie was simply indescribable and in a class of it's own. Of course I've already seen the BBC series but I really didn't like it that much. Collin Firth was superb as Mr.Darcy but somehow the whole thing just didn't get to me that much .Besides in my opinion Jennifer looked ugly as sin and gave such a stiffness to Lizzy's character it was just not enjoyable.
over a year ago charleybrown said…
I'm surprised that you felt that way. I thought Jennifer was both sensitive and dignified as Elizabeth. As much as I like Keira Knightley, I thought that Jennifer Ehle gave much more credibility to the beauty of Elizabeth.

I do agree with you that the cinematography of the 2005 version was exceptional but I felt with only 2 hours, they needed to spend more time on developing the characters.
over a year ago Jillywinkles said…
Before I get to comparing the BBC mini and the 2005 version, which everyone tends to do, let me say something about the other versions.

Bride and Prejudice -- I love this movie :D. I hate the casting of Mr. Darcy, but everything else it fantastic and Aishwarya Rai is one of my favorite Lizzys.

The Mormon version -- I don't know about this one, but there was this one P&P movie/series thing that I saw, and it was old and cheap-looking, and very bad besides. I turned it off. I think it was this one, but I'm not sure, it might have been a different one.

The 1945 version -- I haven't seen it, and I really want to. I've heard that the acting is excellent, especially Olivier, and I know a lot of people who say it is their favorite version. Although, I've also heard that the sets and costumes are not historically correct, and they change things from the original story. Anyway, I really need to see this movie.
over a year ago Jillywinkles said…
Okay, so here is a comparison of the 2005 and the 1995. Wow I am writing too much.

Mr. Darcy -- Both are very good, but I tend to lean towards Colin Firth, just because he's so brilliant at it.

Lizzy -- I much prefer Keira Knightley, although she didn't completely fulfill my expectations either. Jennifer Ehle disppointed me, mostly because I hardly felt any chemistry between her and Firth. And I think it's her fault. CF would say one line and look at her in a way that made me start fanning myself, and then she'd reply in flat, bored, almost pissed off tone, and kill the mood completely. Also, I know she and KK have different body types and they're both very beautiful, but to me it was much more believable that KK was an outdoorsy, playful woman. The scenes where JE was going for a walk outside or playing with a dog seemed stuck-in and forced.

Lydia and Wickham -- I much prefer the BBC version for both these characters. I hated the 2005 Wickham, he was a copy of Orlando Bloom that hardly bothered trying to act. The BBC Wickham and Lydia were both perfect, exactly as I envisioned them.

Lady Catherine -- Love the 2005 version. It's Dame Judy Dench. Enough said.

All the other characters are equally good in their own way (I can't pick one Mr. Collins over the other, they are both hilarious).

The Setting and Costumes -- Each version takes a different approach to it, but they are both historically correct and they both fit with the story imo. I liked the realistic feeling to the 2005 one -- it feels like real life, whereas in the 1995 one, it feels a little as though they are in their own little world, cut off from the rest of society. Which is also a true interpretation. I like them both, they are just different.

The Music -- The score in the 2005 film is amazing, I think we can all agree. I went through a phase where I was listening to the soundtrack every night.
over a year ago kateliness2 said…
I must say that I resent the fact that people think that some only like the 2005 version more because its current.

My reasoning, in more detail:

I loved both of the Darcys as well, but I tend to lean more towards Matthew because I have seen Colin Firth in so many more roles and it is difficult for me to think of him actually being Mr. Darcy, not his other memorable roles. Plus Matthew was brilliant.
I prefer Keira simply because I feel she did a better job portraying the role as I saw it when I read the book. She may have been a bit too over the top at times, but that was 10x better than Jennifer Ehle's (at times) underacting.

Second, the two "Cs" just exploded in the 2005 version: Chemistry and Cinematography. Both were breathtaking, twice as much at least when compared to the 1995 version.

Also, I liked the casting overall better in the 2005 movie. Not that I like *all* of their roles better (There were a good number that I prefer in the 1995 movie) but majority and their importance to the overall story rules.
over a year ago jameswilson said…
The A&E version was the best.
It was longer and able to tell more of the story.
Not only that, but Colin Firth is amazing.
I just liked it more - not that I didn't enjoy the new one too.
over a year ago kateliness2 said…
And, Jillywinkles, finally someone who agrees with me on Jennifer being too stiff with Colin!
Thank you! :)
over a year ago lavender615 said…
omg, definitely the BBC version because of colin firth!he was the perfect darcy! but jennifer's performance in that movie is not so believable as elizabeth...
over a year ago siri_soul said…
I think that Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth were the perfect Elizabeth and Darcy. just so amazing!!!!!!!!
Definitely 1995 version is my favourite.
over a year ago lavender615 said…
somehow, i think that those who did read the book actually tend to lean towards the 1995 version...maybe with a few's just that the 1995 version had immortalized the book more in detail compared to the current version...
over a year ago jbush543 said…
2005 doubt about it. I was in 7th grade when i first read the book and this version of the movie helped me understand it soooo much macfadyen is sexier than colin firth (i dont really see how the man can be considered attractive, but thats just me)
and i thought keira knightley brought good life to elizabeth bennet's character =] i loved her expressions!
over a year ago ABHAYA said…
i saw the one with Keira Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen. It always comes on Oxygen. always watching it. I love the rain scene when she basically said she would never love him and then that moment when he almost kissed her and she almost kissed him.

over a year ago milkamilka said…
I have seen all of them and it is not hard for me to say which one is my favorite.
The 1995 version with Colin Firth is amazing. I can watch it over and over again.
I have read the book so many times, so when i watch the movie with Keira Knightley I always tend to find flaws that has made during filming it. I know it is hard to put a whole book into two hours.
One thing I dislike most in the movie made in 2005 is that Jane and Bingley are having all these conversations. In the book there is no long dialogs written to Jane and Bingley, they just change few words.
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over a year ago pandp4eva said…

Bride and Prejudice was pretty good. Not the absolute best adaptation, of course though, it wasn't supposed to be. Nor was it supposed to be accurate. The music and dancing was the best part and that is why it was good. The bad? Darcy wasn't Darcy. Simple as that. He was not as attractive as I guess he should have been.
1995: Summary in one word? Accurate. Lovely adaptation, but the chemistry between Lizzy and Darcy could have been much better. The look of so called admiration was practically invisable, since the charectors kept the same expression throughout the long 6 hour runtime. It wasn't a breath taking performance, but the setting was accurate, but not the fairy tale we sometimes picture it to be.
Finally the 2005 version. As said above about accuracy, not amazing. But the beautiful, breath-taking scenery gave it this quality no one can explain. I think mostly what creates the realism in this version is, the actors do show that they are young, and confused. Lizzy is battling with herself and her emotions towards Mr. Darcy, but at the same time, likes to toy with him at times. This version seemed more playful, which is what i liked about it.
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over a year ago samjhart said…
All 3 are great but the 95 is the definitive one for me :)
Tho, Bride and Prejudice is good fun what with the soundtrack and the the Bollywood danncing. 05 version is beautifully shot, but essentially is a dumbed down chick flik. That is my only objection to it. Its more Cinderella than P&P. The males of my family were overpowered to watch the 95 and B&P versions and grudgingly admitted they enjoyed it. Yet, when it came to the 05 version they flat refused. It bored them senseless they said, not mention it was a girlie movie (and not even the beautiful, pouty KK could convince them). That surprised me(not cz they should know the story by now) but cz P&P is a story of the battle of the sexes for both sexes. To find that they thot that the characters had become dull was mortifying. What surprised me even more (and convinced me) was that I agreed with them. The costumes, lines and KK looking all ga-ga the minute she sees Darcy, made it over the top and unappealing. Her rudeness towards her mother didn't help the case at all. Yes, they had some form of chemistery was nice but the mysetry of it was gone. Would they or wouldn't they? Is the question you ask when reading P&P. here, its a matter of how soon.
Realising jus how different this version is, is when the same guys who had laughed hysterically for the other two versions, walk out for the third. Something is seriously wrong here...
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over a year ago pandp4eva said…
I don't think '05 was a chick flick. It was a good movie that stayed true to the book and I am proud that it did the book so much justice considering the 2 hour runtime.
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