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All of them!
Purple Rain
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Broken07 said … cherish your memory, honour you and your music and all u did for those less fortunate. You were with me throughout my childhood and my teens thru to my adulthood...bringing me joy (Ohhhh 1999 was a blast haha) and healing so much sadness and pain I suffered growing up as well. You never knew me...but u touched my heart and filled my soul. I love you and hope you were happy and fulfilled with your life here. May you continue to shine, forever...i wait for the rain now..forever in our hearts Posted 1 day ago
Broken07 said …
...the last song in their Prince medley is purple rain and my baby smiled telling me how well he thought he sang it cos hes been practicing hard out :-) he said he hopes he makes u proud when he sings and wonders if u can hear him...i hope u don't mind that they ended up getting $5 from an old lady who cried happy tears when she was walking past them...i think she was amazed that a 12 yr old was singing your song in the street with a guitar are beautiful..we're gona miss u so I promise Posted 1 day ago
Broken07 said …
My son said to me "it is sad mum...but I'm sure he was ready to go...because it's April...that's why he wrote a song about it snowing in he's ok Mum. He knew and he was in the best place...the place he made his music". We'll that made me hurt and cry for u more....but my baby boy is beautiful that u even at your time of passing, u continue to teach and share ur love & magic with us. My son's went busking and sang their medley to the locals.... Posted 1 day ago