I grew up from the time I was eleven on this fanclub and its become somewhat of a ghost town. This club has lost all the old fans. Most of you weren't fans before Michael died, or by the time the funeral came or when Prince and Paris spoke at the grammys. But I was and I'd say those were like the best two years of my life. I loved Prince so deeply and thought I knew him but I really didn't and when he came on twitter my mind was blown cause he was totally diffrent but the thing is I liked him even more then. Then people were all crazed cause he got his hair cut and now all anyone cares about it Paris.I've moved on from being so obsessivly in love with Prince, Paris, and Blanket and Michael but I still love them and I always will. Prince was almost like one of my best friends growing up cause I'd come home from school and hop on the computer and find about what he did that day. I believe that I grew up along side Prince, Paris, and Blanket cause they always seemed so normal to me and we shared the same childhood cause I practically lived in theirs cause I paid such close attention to them on the computer everyday. Well my childhoods over but my love for them isn't. I love you Prince, Paris, and Blanket.