This is the list of POT ANIME EPISODES

A Prince Appears
Samurai Junior
The Seigaku Regulars Make Their Debut!
The One Named Viper
Snake Shot
Nanjiro Echizen
The Two Ryomas
The Split Step
The Hard Day
Counterattack! Sasabe Again?
Ryoma vs. Momoshiro
The Perfect Match
Real Men Play Doubles
The Triple Counter
To Each His Own Battle
The Boomerang Snake
A Little Gesture of Triumph
The Love Letter
Battle-Scarred Ryoma
Time Limit
Is the Tennis Court Burning Up?
Kaoru's Troubles
Here Comes Inui's Deluxe Drink!
Ryoma's Day Off
Seigaku's Strongest Man, Part 1
Seigaku's Strongest Man, Part 2
Karupin's Adventure
A New Regular Appears!?
Momo and Viper
Mizuki's Scenario
The Moon Volley
Mortal Blow: Eiji's Feigned Sleep Attack
The Tiebreak
Twist Spin Shot
Drive B
Big Brother, Shusuke Fuji
A Tennis Ball with Ryoma's Face
The Brown Bear
A Duel in the Rain
Oishi is Targeted
Lucky Sengoku
Jack Knife
A Devil on the Court
Samurai Spirit
I Can't Lose!
The Decisive Moment
Free-Style Fighting
A Seigaku Tradition
Inui's Challenge
Seigaku's Biggest Crisis
The Momo Who's Returned
Kaoru's Special Training
Hyotei Presses Near
Doubles for Three
Scud Serve
The Worst Compatibility
The Hidden Trouble
Power vs. Power
Duel of Hadokyu!
The Disappearing Serve
The Last Triple Counter
Compilation stories TeniPuri
Become Seigaku's Pillar of Support
Rondo Towards Destruction
End of the ball
The Never Ending Tie-Break
Who Will be a Regular?
Tennis vs. Ping Pong
It's a date!
Kaoru becomes Ryoma
Tezuka's Decision
A Message for Echizen
Farewell, Tezuka Kunimitsu
Seigaku vs. Josei Shonan
Fight of the Calm and the Passionate
I Formation
Style of the Pretender
Viper vs. Fake Viper
Hanamura's Temptation
The Best Masterpiece
Deep Impulse
The Result of the Deadly Duel
High on Rhythm!
Prince of Tennis Special! (Part I)
Prince of Tennis Special! (Part II)
Seigaku, Dadada Dan
Cheap Housing Beach Volleyball
Rokkaku's Freshman Captain
The Boy with the Long Racket
Dash Hadokyu
The Secret Plan to Seal Kikumaru
Tsubame Gaeshi, Broken!
Ryoma, Get Pumped!
Finishing Smash
The Prince of Billiards            
The Cursed Racket            
Captain Oishi            
Eat Rikkaidai             
Mizuki's Whispers             
Sleepless Night             
Ryoma vs Sanada            
Ryoma Utterly Beaten            
Off To The Cottage!            
The Captain Appears!            
Surprise at Camp            
Tennis Biathlon            
Jump, Kabaji!            
Original Prodigy: Fuji Shūsuke            
Hadokyu vs Scud Serve            
Atobe the Beautiful            
Ryoma is Going!            
Baseball Game Filled With Men        
The Samurai's Ballad                
We Want To See Tezuka!                
Never Give Up                
The Zany Teni-Puri Family                
The Best Sushi Chef in Japan                
My Prince                
Kikumaru's Summer Vacation                
Junior Selection Camp, Gathered            
The Member Who was not Trusted            
Ryoma vs Kirihara! Beyond Battle Rage            
Sengoku Kiyosumi Reborn            
Welcome Back, Tezuka Kunimitsu            
The Ultimate Showdown        
The Boy who Came from America        
Tezuka's Choice            
Formation! A Dream Team            
Ryoma and Kevin            
The US Team's Ambition            
The Most Powerful! Atobe and Sanada            
Baker's Scenario            
Tango Towards Destruction            
Gorgeous Guys' Duo            
Sorrowful Marionettes            
Bobby Max The Beast            
Defying the Limits            
The Prodigy Vs Tennis Machine
1 mm Battle            
Who Will Play?            
The Phantom Ball that Vanished            
The Long Awaited Confrontation - Ryoma vs. Kevin            
Game and Match
Run, Momo!            
The Golden Pair's Memories            
Kaido's Unknown World            
Seigaku's Shocking Secret Plans            
The Tenipuri Family Goes to Hawaii?! - Christmas at the Tenipuri Family            
Seigaku's Specialty, again                            
Eternal Rivals, Momoshiro Vs. Kaido                            
Ryoma's Decision
Wavering Feelings                            
Be Passionate, Echizen!                            
To my Dear Friend                            
Goodbye Seigaku                            
Samurai New York                            
Tezuka Kunimitsu Vs. Fuji Shusuke                            
Seriousness in the Third Year                            
Unforgettable Promise
Goodbye, Prince                                
Return of the Prince                            
Hot and Cool                            
The Fourth Counter                            
Kikumaru All Alone                            
The Longest Summer                            
The Man Called Killer                            
The Prince of Beach-Volleyball?!                            
Premonition Before the Storm                            
Heart Not Giving In                            
Short-lived Match                            
Tezuka Kunimitsu                            
Two Of Us                            
Deathmatch - King vs Prince                
Fudoumine vs. Shitenhouji Battle            
The Horror of Funny Tennis            
Seigaku's Dead Weight            
The Two Doors            
One-Point Match            
The Prince of Yakiniku
Summit Showdown!
The Way We Play
Can you see the Stars in Broad Daylight!?
The Only One in my Heart
The Prince vs The Child of God
Dear Prince-To the Princes of Tennis.

Hope you enjoy!