We all know, Prince is a little bit strange.

Prince has spoken of a crucial "Dark night of the soul, when a lot of things happened all in a few hours" and described a vision of a vast field with the letters G-O-D hovering overhead. He would refer to that night, Tuesday December 1st as "Blue Tuesday" in the Lovesexy Programme.

"I suddenly realised that we can die at any moment", he said. "And we'd be judged by the last thing". Prince indicated in the programme liner notes that he realised that the Black Album was a work of hate and that realising it would be wrong. he believed that "Spooky Electric", which can be considered the dark side of his persona or a symbol of Satan himself, convinced him to create this thing of 'evil'. Prince eventually attributed his last minute decision to shelve the black album to god and the 'lovesexy spirit', "the feeling you get when you fall in love, not with a girl or boy but the heavens above"

Regardless of Prince's self-made mythology, it is alleged amongst some close associates that his decision to cancel the realse was directly influenced by an experiment with the drug ecstacy.

"I was told he got very scared when he was high on a trip and it made him realise that it would be wrong to release the album" Says badeux. "He thought he was going to hell and that stopped him from releasing it". Matt Fink confirms the story - "He had a bad xtc trip and felt that the album was the devil working through him. I heard this directly from Gilbert who was there at PP the night it happened. Prince was with Cat or Ingrid"

Krattinger recieved a perculiar phone call from prince the night of December 1st, "it was 1:30am and he said "karen?" and i said "what?!" and he said "i just called to tell you i love you" i said "you know what Prince? I love you too and I think you should know that because I wouldn't but up with this shit if I didn't". He said that he was sorry he was so hard on me and that he needed my help to do right. He also said that it was hard fro him to express his feelings. That was about the extent of the conversation. He never said anything like that again. The next day was very strange because he seemed embarassed. It's possible that the call was drug-induced, though I had never know him to do anything but drink wine"

(this is where things get interesting, gives me chills)

At about the same time, Prince summoned Rogers to Paisley Park in the early hours although she was no longer working for him. "I went into the rehearsal room, which is sort of in the middle of the building" she remembers. "It was two in the morning and it was empty. It was dark except for a couple of red canldes and I heard a womans voice say "Are you looking for Prince?". I found out later that the woman was Ingrid Chavez. I said "yes, i'm supposed to meet him here at 2am.". she said "well he's here somehwere". As I came out of the room, I suddenly came face-to-face with him an I'm certain he was high. His pupils were really dilated and he looked unlike I'd ever seen him look before. He looked like he was tripping. He was standing very close to me and he asked "I just want to know one thing, do you still love me?" And I said that I did and that I knew he loved me. He said "Will you stay?" And I said "No, I wont. Goodnight" I headed to the door. It was really scary"

He has fired several musicians because of their drug use over the years, particularly because of their cocaine habit, and during the Purple Rain tour some of his staff even left a message for him to let him know that some people were doing coke...he was strictly against coke back then but was probably too naive to see the truth,so people tried to give him a hint.

I have heard a few rumors. Rumors spread by certain groupies who were backstage during the Lovesexy tour and who claimed they saw him snorting coke but they´re just rumors, nothing more, and why would he fire bandmembers for doing coke if he´s using it himself?

I'm not saying I don't think Prince never did drugs (we can never be 100% sure) but based on the very flimsy 'evidence' above plus that fact that up to and always after he has always sung AGAINST drug taking (and didn't he sack a bodyguard for taking drugs?), it seems very very unlikely.

The whole situation is just like say a Christian singer making albums promoting christianity and some reporter telling us on one night that singer denounced their religion and worshipped the devil then carried on being christian again, I think that would seem very unlikely too.

Just look at screens from Alphabet St. Aren't they look like druggie's hallucinations ?