(Anna's point of view)

We were still sitting there in our home bowling alley with Prince, Paris, and Blanket. We were talking and laughing. We got to know each other really well! I told Paris to come with me to my room to hang out.

My room was red with orange and yellow polkadots on the wall. It was a really big room too. I motioned Paris to sit on the bed. I turned on the TV. I walked over to my desk. I went on google and searched "Lady Gaga make-up tutorial." I read an article that said what I was looking for. "Wanna put on make-up, you know to look like Lady Gaga?" I asked. "Sure, but we will look crazy!" she said. I got my make-up out of my bathroom closet. I came back in the room and sat on the bed. "You wanna go first?" I asked as I got up to go to the huge wall mirror. "Sure, this will be fun!" Paris said coming to the mirror too.

We did the make-up. We looked so funny! I laughed, so did Paris. Jake walked in. "Did you take my Ipad?" He asked. "Yeah, mine was in the bowling alley and I didn't feel like going to get it. So I just took yours." I said as I handed it to him. Jake walked out. "Lets get washed off." I said. Paris nodded.

We went into my bathroom. It was a light lime green with teal and blue polkadots. I opened the bathroom closet and got a two purple towels and two pink rags. "Here, wash your face with this towel and dry your face with the towel." I said. "Alright" Paris replied. Thanks gosh I had a double sink so we could wash up at the same time. I turned on my sink then Paris's. It took about 15 minutes to get fully cleaned. "That was so fun!" Paris exclaimed. "Yeah. I had fun too!" I said.

Me and Paris went down stairs. Jake, Prince and Blanket were playing on the Wii. "Can we join?" I asked. Jake nodded yes. I grabbed a remote controller. "We are going to play baseball." I sat down inbetween Prince and Paris. We played for an hour. It was fun too! Me and Paris were on one team. The boys were on the other and they were winning! "Wow Prince your good." I said. "Thanks" he smiled. "So are you Blanket, you are really, really good!" I said. He looked at me and smiled really big. I giggled.

"I am quitting." I said as I put down the remote. "Me too, I am getting kind of hungry." Paris said and she put down her remote. "I am hungry too, can we have a snack?" Prince asked as he put down his remote too. "Yeah, Anna, can you take them to the kitchen?" Jake said as he started to put everything away. "Yeah" I replied. Prince, Paris and Blanket followed me to the kitchen. My mom made the lunch. We all ate grilled cheese.

After lunch we went outside. A few years ago my dad built us a huge play area. It looked like a little city. It had play houses, a big park, and a tiny baseball field for kids. On the otherside of the backyard we had a huge built in pool with and bar in the water. We had a basketball court, a baseball feild, and a mini golf area. "Wow! What are we going to do first?" Prince asked. "I don't know... how about we play some basketball?" Everyone nodded their heads yes.

While we were playing basketball, Jake accidently pushed me down. I twisted my ankle. Paris asked if I was okay. I was fine, it didn't hurt. Jake said sorry. "Don't be, it didn't hurt a bit!" I said smiling. "Yeah but Anna, I saw your ankle, it twisted really bad when you fell, are you sure you okay?" Prince asked. "Don't worry Prince, I will be fine, thanks for caring." I said smiling. "No problem, are you still going to play with us?" He asked. "Of course!" I said getting up. We resumed the basketball game and had more fun! We played for hours not even getting tired of it! It was getting dark though. Well that means dinner soon!