• Lady Kitty Spencer and sisters Lady Amelia and Eliza Spencer

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    Lady Kitty Spencer and sisters Lady Amelia Spencer & Lady Eliza Spencer (Source: Lady Kitty Spencer)

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This photo is extremely irrelevant; irregardless of the last name and 'titles' given, there no such members of The House Spencer, into which Diana, Princess of Wales, was born. Her sisters cannot pass on either their titles as 'Lady', nor what their maiden-name was, prior to their marriages. The English rules for the inheritance of noble titles, ranks, styles, and last names do not allow it. The younger brother of the Princess, who inherited their father's title, rank, and style, could have had three daughters with the title of Lady---but the only child of his only marriage (which terminated in a divorce due to his infidelity), is the Lady Frances Spencer. And neither she nor her father, the Earl Spencer, are in the above photo.
posted 3 months ago.