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Princess Diana Who Is The Most Loved Of British Royal Family?

27 fans picked:
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princess diana
prince william
kate middleton
prince harry
2. elizabeth(queen elizabeth)
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prince charles
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camilla parker bowles
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 fiyona posted over a year ago
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Imdifferent picked prince william:
I love Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton but I loved Diana too I'm actually named after her but I don't have much of a liking for Charles and Camilla
posted over a year ago.
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harrypotterbest picked princess diana:
Diana, of course! She's the Queen of our Hearts. <3
posted over a year ago.
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anouk1998 picked princess diana:
i can't stand why Camila is there!!
posted over a year ago.
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snowwhitesilver picked prince william:
The british royal family hates diana, except for her children.
posted over a year ago.
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princessliz1961 picked princess diana:
Why the HELL is COW milla there!!???
posted over a year ago.