Princeton B-Day Banner
Kay Kay dis Ya gurl Peaches a.k.a Princeton's Wifey
well i guess we all know dat Princeton's 15th birthday is coming up and i just want everybody to know dat.
April 21, 2012
I want everybody to either do a video, picture, fan fic or any other thing to celebrate Princeton's birthday. Who knows maybe Princeton have a secret account and he check everything we write or send.
Now I will give credits to the top 10 best fan art on here.
I was gonna make a video, but my webcam is eff'd up so i cant do it, but i will post a b-day pic.
I'm not pressuring nobody to do this i just want everybody to celebrate his birthday and show some love for him fan or not it will be a honor to do it.
So if you dont make it then i will message you and give you credit anyway cuz i'm nice like that.
Thank You Thank You if you do this i just want to show my crush some love so all MB FANS PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS IT WIll BE A HONOR!!!!!
{Like I Said You Don't Have To Do It So don't Say I'm Desperate Cause I'm Not}
{Fan Meh I Fan Bak}
4 Days Left Until The Results So I Will Be Waiting For Results
Fan Meh If You Wanna Talk To Meh.
#SpreadThePeace #Peace4Princeton
Ya Gurl Peaches Have Left The Building
See Yall Results On The 21st take ya time
P.S It Can Be Just One Picture, but if you want to do more than one that's ok too more props i guess lol
bye bye. mwah :)
Its All About Princeton {Ray Ray Too hehe}