It felt like someone tied me to a tree and yell ready. Aim. Fire. I was of course willing to give myself up for diggy cuz my daddy could save me that's his uncle. So I Sid ok. Everyone was like r u crazy and I mouthed out I have. Plan. O and that's where ur wrong diggy said how did he even hear that I though there is only one twist. Wat r u talking bout diggy Princeton said. At that moment liya started moaning in pain. Rite when diggy was boutto tell us. Mimi murmured its always liya and rolled her eyes. I was trying my hardest to listen but didn't get whaaat he said. They took liya to the other room. U guys might not wanna separate cuz in 5 mins the towns lights would be off. Before I could ask aany more questions the phone hung up I ran to the other but liya and mimi were down stairs to ask the front desk for some pain medicine. I told the others super quick we were on our way down to tell liya and mimi. We only had like 30 seconds left I though of the people who were in the elevator I said it so quick and me Jada and kiki saparated from prod ray and prince. We were taking the stairs kiki being the slow runner spited the boys going in the elevator noo she yelled the electricity is gonnaiui shut but it was to late they were on the way down we though we could meet them on the other side but the lights went out kiki was left behind the door that automaticly looks when the power goes out and Jada trip all the way down the stairs from the sudden black out it was night time and dark all over town y diggy is taking things so drumaticly is beyond me. And he wounders y i don't claim him I ran down to help Jada she must of broke her leg I laayed her at the top of the stairs and trough the wall I told kiki to stay put and with jaada it was a long way down but I managed to make my way to the bottom door I knocked on it and still heard liya moaning I yelled louder they hear me and I told them about diggy I told them to go to the people behind the counter and ask if they have a genorater she. Diggy plays games he acts likehe is the joker with clues. He keeps things to help nd I went through this game as a kid not exact but close.they did that exact and they said no I said ok but stay with those people and they left I ran back up stairs do any if u have ur Phone charged ya kiki said. Dang how can I get to u Jada said we could get through the bottom door when she crashed it opened a lil. Ok but I cant leave kiki by herself it ok ill stay with her. Ok stay safe I said. My eyes were starting to adjust to the dark so I could see a lil I saw harass I pod in between the door keeping it open. I switched it with the bangle I had on so. Xuldget back and forward with her I pod light. I ran to the back desk and saw mimi liya and two other employees I called the boys ray ray and Princeton didn't pick up and I don't have prodigys number any more. I got out jadas I pod and there was a note it said faith congratulation u have the brain of a average monkey but the boys don't do they here is prodigys number seems like. U wed it after mimi and liya read the message knowing it was from diggy they were creeper out but I said remember he played these lil games all the time she we were kids they nooded. We heard a scream and me liya and mimi ran upstairs liya stop and held her stomach u stay and call prod I said putting his number in my Phoebe so I could take the I pod for liight. We ran to Jada what happened I ask it kiki I don't know we heard kicking and muzzled screams along with a deep painting we started banging on the door to let who ever it was be aware. I asked if Jada knew that this note was there sent by diggy she said no. I kid of figured that since diggy was needing with the power he could heck electronic systems. See figured we could heck rite back after kiki was faded we had no other options then to try it out but first we had to get a hold of the boys. Mimi stayed with Jada would was still injured and helping her with first aid found at the front desk. We got a hold if prodigy and they said the place was starting to get hot I asked if they heard the scream they said they did but thought it was people panicing they heard lots of them. They were in the elevator with many others and it had dropped to the lobby we tried to plow it open when we heard Jada and mimi I ran up and saw three people mimi Jada and a mistery person. I jumped on the persons back and started swinging. It was just roc? O my God I said he was all zomby looking I didn't know what to do was it roc? O my God NO it wasn't is this a joke I thought out loud. Appearantly it is to diggy