at rehearsals(it’s a huge building)
Mya p.o.v
(I still cant remember anything except for ray ray name because he kept reminding me oh god this boy ..)
(then I saw this boy oh,,he was cute)
Pr: Mya r u ok u haven’t talkin that much..
Mya: yeah I’m ok
(dangg!! Oh him )
(I whisperd to nasha that I thought he was cute and she said remember Princeton right ?? I said I’m not dumb of course I remember him…
Nasha: ok good stick to it ..
Mya: I know nasha ..
Nasha: all right but beside dat… Gurl he is Finne !!!
Meya: oh wow I told u..
Nasha: let’s say hi u know get to know a person..
(walks over to the boy)
Mya: (taps ) hey
?: hey ,, u must be with umm.. Mb
Mya: yea how u know
?: cause im tourin with them..
Nasha: Omg!!! That’s jawan Harris
Mya: who the freak is that gods son???
Nasha: no a singer like prince and the rest of mb..
Mya:(gasp) he’s a singer…..and he didn’t tell me(shocked)
Nasha: even a three year old knows he’s a singer have been since u came from the hospital ?!!
Mya: around the water fountain 10 times and back,, y u asking me stupid questions like this??
Nasha: oh god Mya (hits head)
Jawan: (he’s laughing)
Mya: what?
Jawan: nothing but u didnt tell me ur name..
Mya: oh I’m mya this is my bestfriend nasha ,Samii over there and with umm..prodigy Ronae I think..
Jawan:(laughs) ok ur really funny..
Mya: really(gives cute face) (then I smile) u think so
Jawan: yeah(giggle a lil) but u know here’s my number (grabs my phone and types it in)(then takes a pic of for caller ID)
Say cheese ..
Mya: ok cheetos(smile)(click ,,click)
Jawan: (giggles again) ok later I’ll talk to u after rehearsal Kk..later (he left that coner)
Mya: bye..(smile) (Ohh he so cute )
after rehearsals
(I’m smiling prince pulls me aside)
Pr: Mya y were u talkin to Jawan ??
Mya: what I can’t talk ??
Pr: well.. U can but ..wait Mya u know what I’m talking bout tell me ..
Mya: well.. Nothing really he just umm..told me I was funny cause I couldnt remember prodigy name I think??
Pr: (laughs) oh that’s it ??
Mya: umm ..kind of I gotta go talk to him now ..
Pr: (sighs ,, and kinda of mad) but remember Mya I’m ur b-o-y-f-r-I-e-n-d,, k (he hugs then goes to talk to Roc)
(I go talk to Jawan)
Jawan: sup?
Mya: nun
Jawan: did u like the dances we did ??
Mya: yea u we’re great
Jawan : thanks I thought u would like u we’re smilein the whole time I was dacin..
Mua: oh really (Smilen again) isn’t my smiles pretty
Jawan: (laughs) beautiful just like you..
Mya: Aww thank you u know ur really cute ..(did I just say*looking at prince*)
Jawan: I get that alot ..
Mya: yeah u must with girls don’t they go crazy ??
Jawan: yeah one girl stole my watch .
Mya: Aww(I hug him) 50 bucks u will never get back..
Jawan: ( he smirks) yeah
(I look over prince he seems steamed but I don’t care I can have friends right?)
Jawan: so I gotta go but promise you call me beautiful ok(smiles)
Mya: hehe(giggle ) ok later.
Jawan: later (hugs me )
(oh god help me… Oh no I feel his abs … Jesus)
Mya:(smiling and waving ..someone creep behind me grab in a tight hug..)
Prince stop..
Pr: ok ok ..but tell me now I saw more than how funny u were..
Mya: umm..ok I told him how crazy girls gets around him and he told me the’re crazy one girl stole his watch .. And I….I…
Hugged him
Pr: (silent for a moment ) umm(laughs) ok
Mya: turn around facin him ur not mad
Pr: it’s not like u kiss the boy ,, and I know ur mine
Mya : oh ok … U don’t know how much I love u right now
Pr: (laughs) I get that feelin everytime I see u..
Mya: aww since love me so much carry me..
Pr: ugh! Ok babe (carries me and I see ray an na na kissing and roc and Samii away from each other and Ronae and prodigy holding hands aw they so cute but roc gotta stop actin stupid)
in the bus
(on mya and prince bed
Pr: baby imma take a shower..
Mya: yeah beacause boy u stink!
Pr: (smirks)(then tackless me )(now he on top of me) now u smell like me (then kisses me )
Mya: ewwww ur nasty…(smile then push him off of me)
Pr: what mentally or pshically
(I threw a pillow at him .. But I miss him)
Mya: nastyy..
Pr: yeah I am but u knw u like it …
Mya: (thinks) watever …just beacause I dnt know what to say ..
(he laughs and comes to hug me again and then kisses me)(this I kiss back..then hit him with a pillow) (he laughs)
Mya: boy go take a shower …
Pr: ok chicka
(I threw another pillow and this time I didn’t miss )
Mya: yess !!
Pr: I’m leaving now be prepared when I get back
Mya : boy please…
Pr: (smirks then finally leaves)
When he left I got bored so I called Jawan
Phone convo
Jawan: hey
Mya: wat up?
Jawan: good what bout u??
What will happen next??

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