the next morning
nasha p.o.v
(I woke up and ray ray was sleeping ..and he was dreaming about me cause he kept saying nasha I love u..Aww he so cute when his asleep)
(I got to see whose awake to find roc and Samii on the couch being died quiet with each other ) (why do I always find them alone..)
(I ease drop to see if they were going to say anything..)
end of p.o.v
Samii p.o.v
(I was watching t.v and I saw roc coming out his room)
Samii: out all people who is on this bus u have to come out..Uggh!
Roc: Samii can I talk to u
Samii:(Uggh) ok fine roc…
Roc: look Samii I was stupid..
Samii: yeah u r…
Roc: Samii jus let me talk…
Samii: fine! Hurry up
Roc: ok,(looks mad) I was stupid to let u go and Im sorry I got jealous of jaden and please take me back..
Samii: I don’t know roc (starts to walk away but roc grabbed my hand )
Roc: no Samii please give me another chance please I’m sorry I won’t do it again
(I ran and hugged roc )
Samii: better not do it..again!!!
(laughs and spin you around in a tight hug)
Samii: (looks in the eye) I’m serious
Roc: ok I’m just happy I have u back in my life…
Samii: Mhmm.. Better not screw it up ..
Roc: I won’t,, come with me inside ..babe..
( he called me babe again and it was back like always)
Samii: ok what..
Roc: I gotta show u somethingg…
( I went in and..)
Samii: wow roc looks like someones obbessed ..
Roc: (smile) I have pictures of u all over my room …
Samii: how so much pictures of me?
Roc: when weren’t paying attention to me I took a buch of pics of u even when u we’re asleep..
Samii: Awww I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention and I..umm
Roc: don’t say anything it’s done with and now I got u forever in my memories and with me now
( holds my hands intro lock with them kisses each hand then kisses me Aww Just like how it used to be .. And I ..)
Samii: I missed u so much
Roc: I love u babe
Samii: l love u too roc ..
(we sat on couch I sat on roc’s lap)
(Everyone came walkin in)
(funny how they’ll all cam out at the same time,,,)
Everyone: (loud gasp!!!)
Me& roc:what !!
Prod: u guyz r back together ..
Me & roc: yeah..
Nasha: ( gasp again)
Mya: after all that one morning u guyz are back together like that
(me and roc looked at eachother)
Me & roc: yeah.
Pr: well damn!! That quick ..
Me&roc: yup..
Ronae: it’s about they got back together..
( everyone turned to her)
Nae Nae: wat??
Ray ray: it’s just we didn’t notice that u knew they broke up cause ur quiet in all…
Nae Nae: ehh! Ehh! Ehh! Just beacause I’m quiet doesn’t mean I’m not there ..
Even tho y’all act like I’m not..
Mya: well it’s true y’all act like shes not here..
Rr: well sorry
Me & roc; sorry
Na na: sorry
Prod: I don’t got to say sorry cause she told me and Mya everything ..
(Mya threw a pillow from the couch at him)
Mya: liar say sorry!!
Prod: fine babe I love you n I’m sorry..and what is with u and pillows..
Mya: I don’t know u tell me. U desereved it
Prod: for what!!
(Mya threw another pillow at him)
Mya: shut up !! N don’t scream at me!!!!
Prod: k finee ..sorry,,
Mya: humpf!!
(Ray ray threw another pillow at prod)
Prod: ok wtf was that for!! Ray man that hurts!
Rr: u lied again Ronae doesn’t tell Mya everything…
Ronae: what that’s bs don’t listen to him…
Mya: ray what u talkin bout??
Rr: u think I didn’t notice when Mya got hit in the face Ronae saw and didn’t do anything about it she was there before
the person hit Mya in the face!!

( Mya doesn’t know her mom hit her in the face prince scared if we tell her she’ll be mad and stress out )
Ronae: what how u know??!!
Rr: don’t think I didn’t notice u standing in that coner and when everyone was coming out u the only one who was already outside…
( I stood there shock I can’t believe she didnt do anything about it… )
Prod: bro stop it!!
Rr: well I gotta tell the truth..
Ronae: (starts crying) I didn’t mean too it happend so fast..
Mya: (cries into prince chest ) Ro… Nae… I..I…can’t believe you…

( keeps crying and pulls prince to go to the room with her )
(slams door)
Ronae: prod come on let’s go I don’t wanna deal with this right now ..
Prod: ok babe..

(she crys takes prod with her and slams the door while prod gives ray ray this’’ look what u did!‘’ type of look )
( and nobody says nothing except for nasha and ray ray me and roc whom.. just talked each other and didn’t mind the others we knew ray did the right thing but at the wrong time I cuddle with roc cause it was supposed to be my happy moment..guess not, I kept feelin really bad for Mya. If that was me I would helped my bestfriend..I don’t knw y she didn’t help Mya but right now I’m worry bout Mya …)
prince pov
We’re in the room and this is the frist time I didnt know what to say to mel ..I was confused I didn’t know how it felt ,I tryed to imagine but I couldn’t I still was shock of what happend because Mya mom seemed nice to me and to be Ronae and just stand there .. I couldn’t imagine beacause it never happend to me before. But I knew for now all I could do was hold Mya in my arms and hope she feels better.. Because that’s all I wanTed to do …make Mya feel better…cause she is my baby and i love her..)