Dear all my Fans sorry i got into some fanpop Drama With This Girl Ashante on my wall i thinks its reginae yea but IDGAF who it is dont start nun it wont be nun but okay back to that story
5 hours later same day
(still prince pov)
Mya stopped crying like 2 hrs ago I dont knw how u can cry for that long but all I knw she still wasnt calm and I wanted to take her out tonight but I got a call from kiesha when Mya went to talk to nasha…
( phone convo)
Pr: hey kiesha
Kiesha: hey mr. Perez
Pr: wat up kiesha??
Kiesha: well, i have someone comin with u guyz on tour so get ready for the surpise tonight
( man! I can’t take Mya out)
Pr: kiesha I’m kinda doing something tonight …
K: do it after the person comes ..
Pr: sighs ok..
K: oh get the tour bus ready u guys are messy .. Fix it up!
Pr: ok
( there’s not even time to plan..Uggh)
K: alrigt see u later..
Pr: k bye kiesha..
Kiesha: bye mr.perez
( I know I’ll her somewhere wants to go her the girls and the guys )) (jus for fun)
Hey Mya !!..( I couldn’t find her I went outside the tour bus )
( I saw her …talking to lil twist and nasha what was he doing here)
Pr: Mya!
Mya: hey!
Pr: can I talk to ya come inside ..
Mya: ok (pulled her inside leavin nasha and twist..)
Pr: baby I know twist my home boii and all but wat he doing here
Mya: oh that’s nasha … Ex … I think that’s what she told me ..
Pr : really??
Mya: yeah ( trust me she saying she thinks right now)
Pr: alright u guyz wanna go somewhere??
Mya: oo.. I knw( before she said something I said )
Pr: yes I knw the mall..
Mya: no!! ( hugs me) silly ( hit meh sightly on the head) the water park!!
Pr:(this somehow makes me laugh it’s how she said it) ok Mya..
Mya: can I invite Jawan and his cuzin
Pr: ( I got mad when I heard his name but then I heard cuzin so I’m like wat could be so bad) ok.. And twist is coming..
Mya: really(smiles)
Pr: ( mad) don’t get too happy..
Mya: I’m just playin my prince,, dnt get mad ( kisses me on
The cheek ) Imma go tell the others…
Pr: alright ( when she leaves I grabbed her hand ) don’t take long my baby ..
Mya: ( giggle ) mmhm.. Yeah
( I kinda smrik at her and go in rays room to talk to him he was listen to music)
Pr: ray man.. I gotta tell u something ..
Rr: is it bad or good ??
Pr: bad for u if ur mad
Rr: Is it nasha ??
Pr: yeah ..
Rr: I don’t wanna hear it(puts earbuds back in his ears blast music loud)
( I pull it out his ear)
Pr: listen!!
Rr: god ok man!!
Pr: well nasha ex is here and guess who it is ..
Rr: Khalil , jaden, that boy from everybody hate Chris, Jacob L….?
Pr: twist!
Rr: really?
Pr: yeah
Rr: I don’t fudgein care !!!! ( hate his sarcasm )
( some how I knew he already knew that’s why he was rude in the Frist place …Ohh he was mad cause nasha was
talking to twist!! Ray finally is in love .. I thought him well ..)
Pr: ray I knw man it breaks ur heart but u gotta trust nasha..
Rr: he had her once he could have my boo the one I love again.! !(he looked mad)
Pr: yeah I don’t think that’s gonna happen ..
Rr: yeah u don’t think…but he’s older than me stronger than me just not cuter than me…but he has chances..
Pr: wat Eva man I know nasha loves u and u can’t see that ur blind ..but if u want nasha by ur side tell her we’re going to the water park…
Rr: yess!! ( jumps up and down a jit)
Pr: ok ,, sir please calm down..
( he runs out the room )
Rr: yess!! Water park my boo in a swim suit ..haha!!!
Pr: oh wow just hurry up Mel is probably almost finish…
Rr: who cares! We’re going to the water park ,…!!
( and goes tell nasha)
( I’m happy to I kinda of holdin it in but I’m happy cause my baby is going to be in swim suit … That’s cool with me Mya baby I’m coming)
( Mel comes out wearin this and,…)
Pr: oh my baby … U is fine !!
Mya: thank you u fine too lets go wait for the others
Pr: ok I’ll walk behind u if u don’t mind..
( sighs)
Mya: yea prince ( looks at me dirty) u Betta not ..
Pr: I know..
( outside I’m waiting for the others only ray, roc n prod come out )
Pr: hey
Rr: hey
R: hi
P: sup
Pr: where the girls ?
P: taking they sweet time as usual ..
Mya: excuse me but I don’t take a long time ..
P: mya ur not a girl
( throws a pillow at him)
( doesnt miss)
Mya: wat now!! Blondy!!!
P: wat Eva un normal girl
(Mya (hits him in the bAck of the head)( everyone laughs except prod.)
Mya: next time this hAnd is going towards ur fAce!!
P: ok alright…stop hitting me
Mya: wat eva..
( stands up )
Mya: but n e ways how u like my swim suit..
Rr: pretty u rockin it..
R: it’s nice ..
P: u look ugly as usual
( Mya gets mad goes in the room and slams door ..)
Pr: see what did u she just came from the hospital two weeks ago!
P: my bad gosh!! But she gets on me nevers
Pr: so ,,what she can’t control it!!
P: oh yeah I forgot
( I heard door slam… Mya was coming back)
( she came back with belt.,, and was about to beat prod with it till)
Twist: Woah! Wait hold up I need popcorn..( runs to kitchen)
P: seriously ( girl voice)) Omg u people r rude …
Mya: yup and this belt is about to beat ur a-z-z clean version for u goody tissuess or however u say it … Twist !!!
T: ya!!
Mya: u ready !!
T: Yaa ( runs back ) ok go!
( about to hit prod )
P : prince do something
Pr: shouldn’t have call my baby ugly cause she not!!
P: prince please I will never mess with her mind if u help me..
Pr: nope..
P: Mya girl I think u so fine u blow my mind ..
( Ronae comes out )
Ronae: what!!!
P: Nae bae Its not how it seems …
( Ronae cries and runs to room)
T: oh god this is a good show
P: shut up !! ( runs after Ronae)
Mya: he lucky I didn’t beat his a-z-z
( everyone except prod)
E1: Aww no it was getting good (we hear slap)
Mya: but I think someone already did his a-z-z before me
( everyone runs ( loud gasp) Ronae slapped prod in the face ??!)
Meya: haha cycle just got spitted in your face haha
Pr: Omg why she slap u ??
P: bro I don’t know I think she in her moods
Rr & r: is she u know…
P: I knw what
Rr& r:is she pregnant!
P: I hope not but if she is I had nothing to do with it. Beacause I’m still a virgin soo..
( sighs of relief)
Mya : so where’s the others.? Ugh I’ll get the girls ray and prod go talk to Ronae..
Rr: why me
Mya: cause nasha wants to surpise u last..
Rr: Aww
Pr:what bout me
R: yea!!
Mya: u guyz come with me..
( to nasha she was wearin this: link)
Mya: Aww u look pretty
Pr: yeah nasha I agree but not like my sexy baby
Mya: aww thanks cutie..
Pr: no prob go on with ur bad self
Mya: oh wow ..roc u ok??
R: yea yea she’s pretty can we leave to see Samii now
Nasha: well dangg!! That’s how u feel .. I don’t need ur comment than buzzard !!
R: ( rolls his eyes)
Mya: ok I guess we leaving
( Samii and roc room Samii was wearin this :link)
Roc : wow beautiful !!
Samii: thanks
( we back out and saw Ronae she was wearin this:link)
Mya: r u ok Nae??
Ronae: yeah ( looks at mya and prod dirty)
Pr: hey hey calm down let’s just go…
P: yeah before this gets into a fight
Ronae: yeah Betta leave..
Mel:( looks at her dirty Like This Bitch)
Ronae: u can look but can’t say sh***
Mya: WTF!! Is ur problem b** don’t wanna start with me
( I pick Mya up and go in the limo and prod pick Ronae up and holds her when we’re in the limo and the rest came in even drama can’t ruin this day I’m going.. To calm Myadown I just made out with her cause Mya told me it makes her feel better it does the same for me soo .. I did and Ronae just keep looking dirty at her … I guess but this is my moment with my baby and I pick her up on my lap and hold her as she (tries to ignore ronae) and kisses my neck with her soft lips … I could feel her feelin better already… Like I said it’s my Job to make my baby feel better..)