at the water park
prod pov
p: bae u still mad?
Ronae: I don’t wanna talk to u right now…
P: y r u so mad?
Ronae: shut up !
( she starts to walk I grabbed her hand)
P: what Is wrong tell me I’m ur boyfriend ,, u gotta make it easier to help u to feel better..
R: leave new alone prod n u dnt need to be my boyfriend !!
P: is this about when i commented on Mya and how good she looks,.,
R: yess!!
P: y?!!
R: u never said that much the way u said to mya!!!
P: but u knw I love u nt her!
R: so what!! U dnt have to love me go compliement Mya. N leave me alone!!
P: Ronae Stop actin like a b*** first of all Mya is in love with prince and I’m in love with u so stop actin like this!!
R: babe u know I love u but sometimes u make me feel unspeical ..
P: bae tell me when that happens I will always comfort u and hold u there’s no doubt !
R: ok but I don’t wanna apologize to Mya she called me a b****
p: ( mumbles) cause u were actin like one..
R: see there u go again !! Insulting me and sticking up for Mya!!! Do u like her??
P: helllll!!!! N-
( I look over and see this gurl with Jawan i gotta tell prince his gonna be mad..)
( starts running away)
R: prod!!! R u leaving me in the middle while ur talking to me !!!! ( starts to cry and runs to the parking lot where the tour bus was until I see a Boy stops her…)
( she stops started talking to him I went over there…..) e.nd of pov
Ronae p.o.v
( I was running and this cute boy stopped me he was even a lil cuter than prod or was it my feelings w.e I don’t care he’s coming to talk to me oh no I look a mess crying and all… I gotta leave quick..)
Boy: hey this is random but r u ok?
R: yeah I’m fine ( starts walking quicker)
Boy: wait slow down where u going NE wayz? Its b.w.p. (made name up)The biggest water park in the world u should have fun..
R: yeah I’m not in the mood I’m kinda in a rush to go somewhere else but here
Boy: I’m sorry ur not feeling ok but I’m having a v.I.p party over there if u wanna come,, I mean ur already here and by the way my name is tequan ..
( i looked up and I notice it’sTequan Richmond from everybody hates Chris and Imm like ahhhhhh!!! But keep It cool Nae Nae…)
R: oh I noticed I’m Ronae ..
Tequan: ( smiles) Ohh ok so u want me to lead over there u could be my pretty date for the day ..
R: ummm..surr—
( oh no prod)
P: I’m sorry dude I needa talk to Ronae ..
Tequan: no problem ..
( he pulls under a water fall thing and started talking…)
P: Ronae I know ur mad but for 5 seconds and ur already about to talk to some other boy!
R: well now u know how I feel !!
P: r u doing this on purpose!!
R: no he actually came to talk to me! And he thinks I’m pretty cause he told me..
P: I should go punch him out right now..
R: y u don’t even know him ..
P: u were about to go with him somewhere and u wasnt gonna tell me huh
( I’m slient)
P: answer me !!
R: u knw I don’t like how u treat me And I think we should break up!!
P: y I have been good to u some girls wish they can have a boyfriend like me and u seem scared to fall in love .. Ur making it hard for urself !
R: well prod I love u but I dont want to break ur heart ..
P: y would u break my heart??
R: I love u but I’m not in love with u..
P: what have I done to make u not be in love with me I mean what’s wrong with me??
R: prod I don’t love u like I’m supposed to I feel like ur more of a good friend who’s cute who’s there for me and I love not the Boyfriend the one who takes my breath away ..)
P: ok if that’s how u feel we should break up .. And I’m really fine with it beacause I don’t like anybody who doesn’t like me as a person cause to tell u the truth I don’t like u as a person either .. Your beautiful on the outside but inside ur a ugly *****..
R: prod I think ur cute but ur too dumb too notice anyone I don’t know how u made it to 8th grade ..
P: u knw what I don’t want u to cry so imma leave ur happy a** the way u r ( walks away and I’m shocked he said all of that for the frist time the a** has nereves…)
R: wat eva bye ( I see him walk to the others and I went back to tequan)
T: u ok??
R: yeah.. Did u see what happend ??
T: yeah a few other people saw too but umm if u dont wanna come it’s—
R: no no no! I wanna come I’m fine now ..
T: k great come with me
Luv Peace Tacos!!!!!!! …