Here we go again sorry u guys a bunch of drama is goging on with omg girls and me and reginae but lets just get bck 2 the story
Mya p.ov
at the mall!
Mya: where u wanna go frist??
De’: hollister !(smiles)
Mya: for a dress???
De’: I don’t have wear a dress..
Mya: umm..ok but were nt going 2 hollister for a nice outfit for a date ur going out with freaking lil twist for crying out loud we need to make u look nice …
De’: well danm ok let’s do ur plan then (looks angryily)
Mya: yeah so let’s go
in macy’s

we are searching and deijah finds this: link
(But before we leave she asked me questions ..)
Deijah: Mya??
Mya: yeah?
De’: do u love prince??
Mya: yeah of course I do y do u like him??
De’: no I think he talks too much and isn’t that ur boyfriend..??
Mya: yup I just needa to knw what u was gonna r u ready for the date.??
De’: sighs yea
Mya: y u say it like that I mean dnt u want to go with lil twist..
De: I mean I like him his cute but I just feel wierd about this..
Mya: dnt be but u shld talk to twist bout it ..
De: maybe I will I dnt know but I’ll still wanna go thou..
Mya: ok u sure??
De’: no what I’m saying yes! It’s fridgin lil twist!!
( me and her laughs pay for the outfit ,shoes and stuff then leave)
-skipping to the bus
(we walked In and everyone looked happy )
Mya: wats up??

( deijah stands next to me across Samii)
( slient )
Mya: excuse me I said wats up ?? ( then I smile)
Samii: umm hey Mya roc let’s go inside ..
Mya: roc so what’s going on??
( starts to walk Samii direction)

Roc: I guess I’m leaving to go in the room..
(Samii leaves without him)
Mya: roc u always following her u knw what just leave ..

Roc: thanks talk to later ( hugs then leaves)
(deijah sits on couch next to prince )
Mya: where the heck I’m I suppose to sit ..
Prince: ( laughs) come here baby ( holds out arms )
( then sit on his lap and he moves my hair from my face)
Deijah: umm ok I’m going with Jawan and twist inside..
Me & prince: ok.
( she leaves)
Prince: ( kisses my cheek) baby?
Mya: yes prince?
Prince: what’s up with deijah??
Mya: nutting she following us now but she got a date with twist..soon she’ll b with twist all the time..
Prince: twist!! ( I put my finger over his mouth)
Mya: ( laughs) yeah.. I knw what u thinkin-
Pr: yeah why the heck they going out ??
Mya: what u mean??
Pr: they hate! Eachother they’re the last two people I thought would go out ..
Mya: ( laughs) yeah I knw .. But to take ur mind off that what happend today??
Pr: ray ray gave nasha a ring..
Mya: Omg!! A ring!! ( he puts his finger
over my mouth)
Pr: shh baby now u 2 loud and yes ..
Mya:oh my Geeh that’s so sweet he got her back Aww.. ( hit on the arm)
Pr: wat was that for??
Mya: u never did that for me and we knew eachother longer!
Pr: ehh! Member the ring pop??
Mya: yes and it was 98cent long time ago nasha ring is probaly more than my whole house!!!!
Pr:actually if u add taxes it was one dollar n seven cents thank u very much..
Mya: I dnt u didn’t even do something free!!
Pr: like what??
Mya: member roc took Samii to the beach??
Pr: we enjoyed it too..
( roll my eyes)
Mya: u know what I’m talkin bout !
Pr: fine baby but u will never knw when I do something speical for u..
Mya: ok that’s ok as long as I get something speical..
Pr: what wanna do now ??
Mya: I like talkin to u but it’s boring let’s watch a movie..
Pr: what movie?
Mya: orphan!
Pr: no baby it’s too scary
Mya: Aww babe it’s ok I’ll hold u at scary parts..
Pr: (laughs)ok
Mya:( I smile and we went in the room to watch it)
Mya: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
( I put my head in prince chest )
Pr: Aww baby it’s just a movie ..
Mya: turn it off!!!!!
( looks scared prince turns it off)
Mya: oh thaks ..
Pr: wat do wanna do now make-out ..?? Ur choice?
Mya: maybe ( smirks)
Pr: baby stop playin..( tries to kiss me)
(I move away from him while still on bed)
Pr: baby come here I need u in arms..( smiles)
Mya: that’s ur problem ( rolls eyes but smiles in mind)
Pr: baby I love u dnt leave me ..
Mya: Aww never ..but imma go get water..(smirks)
Pr: liar u playin with my feelings
Mya: ( sticks tongue out) ( then leave)
( he holds my waist and told me to never leave his side and we promised eachother to never but than I ran away .. He ran after me after a while I let him catch me he carried me than slammed on the bed but not as hard as he slams ray ray on the couch when they’re actin stupid ..pinning me down on the bed)

Pr: do u give up and will stop running away??
Mya: nope now let me go !
Pr: how bout this ( kisses me)
( ugh.. Feels so good)
( kisses me again)
Mya: umm maybe- ( he kisses me again with his soft lips touching mines I couldn’t think I kissed him back and he loved it)
Pr: I love u and ur lips it’s possible someone sexy as u can have everything that’s perfect to me and all I do is think about u..I love u baby
Mya: I love u to babe ..
( we made out sittin on the bed and ..)
Mya: u hear that??
Pr: yeah sounds like it came from nasha and ray room..
Mya: oh gosh ..I knw what’s going on
Pr: yeah I knw,,
Mya: have u ever ?
Pr: no I never have u
Mya: no I mean ex almost had me but I didn’t want to do it with him..
Pr: y??
Mya: I never forgot bout u..
Pr: oh ( smiles)
Mya: no need to ask but would u do it??
Pr: if it the right time or I get a moment I will and to tell u the truth boys been askin me bout you and me..
( I look at him for min)
Mya: umm.. Oh deijah asked me the same thing..
Pr: would u??
Mya: I don’t knw if it happens it happens but i gotta b in love like I am with u..
(he smiles at me and holds me in his arms we made out I laid on his chest and kissed his neck )
Pr: u dnt knw how good that feels..
Mya: oh really ( smiles) then I’m keep going..
( it was going great til we hear something moan really loud!)