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Princeton (Mindless Behavior) Fan fiction Article

The perfect MB Concert (Prt.1)

Fan fiction by abigyal posted over a year ago
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Anna's shirt
Anna:hurry up guyz we gotta leave
Brianna:chill girl we gon be there on time
Chelsy:ye girl u actin like first time u gon see them
Anna:girl i paid extra money 4 backstage passes and they aint goin to waste
Brianna:ye we shud probably get goin
Anna:i really wanna meet em
Brianna:my moms ready shes driving us and we still gotta pick up Dana
Brianna:ok lets head out

At Dana's.....
Dana:ok lets go guyz ready to get mindless sum more
Anna:just hurry up

At the concert..........
Anna:*shouting* arnt these guyz amazing
Prodigy:I really gotta find my Mrs Right this song is for her wherever she is
Chelsey:*whispering in Anna's ear* awww aint that cute hes talkin bout me
Anna:ur crazy
Brianna and Chelsey:its defined as mindless behavior

Anna:OMG there they are.How do i look?
Brianna:ya look fine
Dana:But ya acting crazy
Princeton:*watching Anna and licking his lips*
Anna:OMG he just watched me
Chelsey:lets go say hi

Anna aproaches prodigy
Anna:hi we are really big fans of you guyz
Prodigy:really....our favourite color
Anna:Princeton's own is green
Brianna:Mr juicy lips *looking at roc* loves black and blue
Dana:Prodigy's favourite is red
Chelsey:And this taco adicts *pointing at Ray Ray* favourite color is purple
Prodigy:good enough
Anna starts talking to princeton
Prodigy:i like you girls
Guys exept prince:yea theyre cool
Girls exept Anna:u guyz are too sweet
Roc: dont you like em prince *turning around*
Annna and Prince were making out
Ray Ray:Ima say he loves that one
Princeton:OH shut up
Prodigy:we gotta go but we didnt catch ya names
Anna:well im Anna Jones but you could call me AJ
Dana:well im Dana Cruz
Chelsey:im Chelsey Davis
Brianna:and Im Brianna August
Roc:what the heck
Brianna:just kidding im Brianna Gittens
Prodigy:well we will se ya around
Anna:Bye Prince
Princeton:*kisses Anna on the cheek* remember this if we dont see again you are my mrs right

In the car...

Anna:Best concert eva
Brianna:only because you kissed princeton
Brianna's Mom:whats this i hear about kissing im gonna tell your mom Anna

Anna:that was just a joke..right girl
Girls exept Anna:yeah ...right
Chelsey's shirt
Brianna's shirt
Dana's shirt
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abigyal said:
my first article eva plz comment and i hope ya enjoy it
posted over a year ago.
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i luv it!!!!! its funny !!!! great work!!
posted over a year ago.
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love it gurl . very funny and eneterest cnt wait 4 more.
posted over a year ago.
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big smile
abigyal said:
thx guyz
posted over a year ago.
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loved it girly
posted over a year ago.
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They should make roc #1girl shirt blue
posted over a year ago.
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Wow i love it
posted over a year ago.