Jacob: I guess it's time for me to leave....

Nina: Alright text me dho

Jacob: Will do *Leaves*

Prince: Soooooo..........Nina let's work on this project

Nina: Whatever....Did you bring your laptop?

Prince: Yeah.....! Soooooo..........what's this project about again?

Nina: *Rolls Eyes* Well....she changed it so now it's about Martin Luther King J.R

Prince: *Smiles* Ohhhh.....alright!

Nina: What's so funny?

Prince: Nothing just the thought of you thinking rolling your eyes is cute

Nina: I never said it was cute

Prince: But you did it like it was

Nina: Just shut your face....

Prince: Nina you like me don't you?

Nina: What??!!!??

Prince: *Smirks* You know you want me......

Nina: No I don't I'm with Jacob

Prince: Sooooooo...............but can Jacob fill your needs?

Nina: Yes...he can!

Prince: *Starts Kissing Nina's Neck* You sure?

Nina: Prince stop it

Prince: *Looks At Nina* You didn't like it????

Nina: Wellllllll.......ummmmmmmmmm *Gets Quiet*

Prince: You liked it...but where's your bathroom?

Nina: Last door to the right

Prince: *Smirks* Alright

(Prince's POV: I got Nina right where I want her. She want me and I know she does this plan is in full effect! When I went into the bathroom and called Ray)
-Phone Convo-
Rayy: Hello?

Prince: Are y'all outside with the stuff?

Ray: Yeah....Prince we got you

Prince: I'm just making sure don't fail me please

Ray: Nigga we got you!

Prince: Okay I'm just making sure!

Ray: Shhhhhh.........
-Phone Convo Over-

(After I found out the boys were doing what they were suppose to do I made my way to Nina's room.)

Nina: Who were YOU on the phone with?

Prince: *Gets Scared* What? No one

Nina: Prince I'm not going crazy. You were on the phone with someone. Now......who was it? I just wanna know

Nina: Prince I heard you on the phone