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Princeton (Mindless Behavior) Fan fiction Article

I'm In Love With My Bully *Part 4*

Fan fiction by Suckmykicks posted over a year ago
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Jacob: I guess it's time for me to leave....

Nina: Alright text me dho

Jacob: Will do *Leaves*

Prince: Soooooo..........Nina let's work on this project

Nina: Whatever....Did you bring your laptop?

Prince: Yeah.....! Soooooo..........what's this project about again?

Nina: *Rolls Eyes* Well....she changed it so now it's about Martin Luther King J.R

Prince: *Smiles* Ohhhh.....alright!

Nina: What's so funny?

Prince: Nothing just the thought of you thinking rolling your eyes is cute

Nina: I never said it was cute

Prince: But you did it like it was

Nina: Just shut your face....

Prince: Nina you like me don't you?

Nina: What??!!!??

Prince: *Smirks* You know you want me......

Nina: No I don't I'm with Jacob

Prince: Sooooooo...............but can Jacob fill your needs?

Nina: Yes...he can!

Prince: *Starts Kissing Nina's Neck* You sure?

Nina: Prince stop it

Prince: *Looks At Nina* You didn't like it????

Nina: Wellllllll.......ummmmmmmmmm *Gets Quiet*

Prince: You liked it...but where's your bathroom?

Nina: Last door to the right

Prince: *Smirks* Alright

(Prince's POV: I got Nina right where I want her. She want me and I know she does this plan is in full effect! When I went into the bathroom and called Ray)
-Phone Convo-
Rayy: Hello?

Prince: Are y'all outside with the stuff?

Ray: Yeah....Prince we got you

Prince: I'm just making sure don't fail me please

Ray: Nigga we got you!

Prince: Okay I'm just making sure!

Ray: Shhhhhh.........
-Phone Convo Over-

(After I found out the boys were doing what they were suppose to do I made my way to Nina's room.)

Nina: Who were YOU on the phone with?

Prince: *Gets Scared* What? No one

Nina: Prince I'm not going crazy. You were on the phone with someone. Now......who was it? I just wanna know

Nina: Prince I heard you on the phone
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Awwwwwww, Princetyboo was kissing my neck LOL & I love that part so much & I love this article so much too LOL & I can't wait for the next article about me & Princetyboo LOL & "Peace out, my sweetest senorita LOL!!!!!!!!!" XD ;D :D
posted over a year ago.
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Ohhhhhhhhh Princeton u in trouble!!!!
posted over a year ago.
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big smile
T his is good. Girl. I LOVE. It
posted over a year ago.
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big smile
Prince don't lie damn it ain't dat serious don't lie to NINA EIGTHER I'LL KILL U Nina is too good 4 u to lie
posted over a year ago.
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Wait Hol' Up...Prince...what are you up to now?!?! Man Sit yo hyper active,happy go lucky self down nd chill out on Nini(Nina)...Prince you is doin the most right now smh
posted over a year ago.
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Right @LA_Griffin nd Lex can me b n story nd I'm soo tired
posted over a year ago.
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This nigga been caught red handed!!!!
posted over a year ago.