so i'm really irritated rite now cause their are too many fake azz fans where i'm at rite now -.-. so this girl gone tell me how much she loves mindless behavior and mind you she gone change her favorite color green cause Princeton loves green then next week she gone change it to purple cause of ray ray....And then she gone have the balls to tell me on Friday that Mindless behavior suck azz -______- what??? didn't yo azz say they the best group ever? or i'm tripping?? now she like the nigga off of One Direction -.-. BITCH TAKE YO FAKE AZZ ONE DIRECTION LIKING AZZ ON WITH ALL DAT!! AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT?? spending all my time with the wrong person cause i don't like One direction and talking bout them cause there ain't nothing to talk about but Harry's curly azz hair!! but still Fans don't get fake on a nigga -.- Dats that shixt i don't like -_-