Door opens

Prince:what is going on in here
Prince:yall were about to do.... u in here
Ray:n whats the problem
Prince:i think its clear that everyone here loves her
Prince:you cant just go molesting her behind our backs
Ray:want me to do it infront of you.....fine by me
AJ:(slowly creeps out of the room)
Prince:you want a fist up your a$$
Ray:ohh so now u wanna fight
Prince:just leave her alone
Ray:why do you care you cheated on her
prince:it was a mistake
Ray:you had a secret strip party
Ray: i aint got time for you dude


Roc:so wheres bri
AJ:oh my gosh i almost forgot about her shes suppose to be in the mall
Roc:aww i need some lips
AJ:(calls Bri)

Phone Convo

A:sorry for ditching you something important came up
B:what was so important
A:just come over to my place n ill show you
B:your place is a block away
A:pass your lazy-
B:if you finish that sentence you will wonder what happened to ur life
A:dang girl
B:ok im comin see ya

they hang up

Ray comes down stairs

A:wheres Prince
Ray:does it matter
Roc:wheres prod

A noise come from the kitchen

A:whats that
Ray:dont ask me
Roc:its like im in a movie
A:ill go check it out
Ray:be careful
A:what if i die

She enters the kitchen and sees prodigy

A:Prodigy get out of ma damn fridge
P:i was just looking for chicken
A:next time you do this you will be lying in the hospital
P:ok never again

Some on knocks on the door

A:come in

Chelsey Dana and Bri walk in


All girls:oh my gosh we missed yall
A:i only invited bri
C:rude.. wheres prince
A:my room
C:come with me upstairs please


P:ive been waiting for you
P:how did you get here
C:in my brand new car
A:you got a car
C:thats why i came here
P:can i talk to AJ alone
C:no say what you gotta say in my face
A:oh my gosh
P:Anna jessica Jones i love you
A:how do you know my middle name
P:i searched your room while you were gone
A:prince i got some private stuff in here
P:like u wanting to have sex with Ray Ray
A:how do you know that
P:told you i searched now get dressed for a party
A:party??? so u just changed the subject
P:hurry meet us out side and borrow your friends some clothes
A:what type of party
P:an r rated party at Rays
P:restricted fool
A:i know what if means a$$hole
P:alright so wear something sexxi
A: fine
C:wait can i go like this
P:yea ur sexi enough
A:go downstairs n call the girls for me

Outfits for the night- link

Prince:yall ready to go
Prince:(whispers in her ear) you look great
AJ:i look like a stripper
Prince:i love you
Limo arrives
AJ:you didnt tell me there was a limo

Bla bla bla they arrive at the party

Host:hi can i get your names
Prince:mb and guests
Host:are all of yall sixteen and over
Prince:(laughs) yes
Roc:im fifteen
Host: ouch now we got a problem
Prince:ok look let us in
Host: you get in for a kiss
Prince:fine later
Host:enjoy the party
Girls:*screaming* its mb
Host:ok lets play some spin the bottle with a twist
you either strut naked infront of everyone or have sex
P: cool
Host:*points at AJ* you spin
She spins and it lands on princeton
Prince:boom lets go in that bedroom
A:i aint doing that
P:yes you are
A:are you gentle???
P:cmon we all no im a freak
A:u betta enjoy this nite
P:oh baby i will

To Be Continued.........