(a girl named cece and princeton are friends but they start to develope feelings for each other)
cece:(phone rings)hello?
cece:wat's up
prince:nun i cant study because my mom and dad are arguing and it's driving me crazy!
cece:u wanna study here
prince:can i
cece:of course my mom's at work im by myself anyway
prince:cool i'll be over there in 5 minutes
(5 minutes later prince rings the door-bell)
prince:wat's up(walks in the house)
cece: u can sit on the couch
cece:mhm u want something to drink
prince:what do u have
prince:(cuts her off) wat about water
cece:that's what i was gonnna say but i'll get u some right now
(cece hands princeton a glass of water)
cece: so there's this movie tonight and-
prince:cece i dont get this question
(cece sighs)what question?
prince:see look(hands her the book)
cece:(reads the question) ok so a triangle equals 180 and 1 side has 34 and the other has 28 you have to find the missing number to sum it up to 180. so 28 +34+ blank=180
prince:oh i get it thank u . what were u trying to tell me
cece:ok there's this movie tonight and i was wondering if u-
prince:(gets a text message) yo rayray got 2 tickets to the lakers game tonight.
prince:yea that's crazy their like my favorite team all i have to do is ask my mom if it's cool that i can go..could u excuse me for a sec.
(prince calls his mom)
prince:yes! she said i can go
cece: i mean yay
prince:(smiles)thanks for letting me study here, your a good friend(hugs her)
cece:(hugs him tight and doesn't let go)
prince:cece ur hurting me! ow ow ow! (sufficating) cant breathe!
prince:(catching his breathe and looks at her like she stupid)
cece:your so cute when ur face is red
prince:yea it wont be cute if passed out on the floor
cece:hahaha sorry
prince:it's all good(looks at watch says 3:00 pm) i should go the game is at 4:00 i'll see u at school tommorow
cece:i'll see u tommorow
(its's 4:00 and cece finds a way to sneak her way into the basketball game)
cece:(deepens her voice to the security) im uhm... im trey johnson i need to get in
security:aye trey im a big fan
cece:(voice still deep) well thanks man can i go in now?
security:well yea man(opens the door)
cece:thank u
security:(telling everyone in line) i met trey johnson
(cece goes upstairs to find a seat in the audience she finds one in the 14th row and she sits down next to a boy with a hoodie on)
cece:excuse me did u see a boy with a puffy afro.nice smile , 5'4, got swag,from the group mindless behavior?
boy:cece?(takes off the hoodie it's her ex dante)
dante:wat's up mama
cece: i aint yo mama
dante:u know u still want some on this
cece: no i can resist some of that why r u here
dante:im. here. for. the. game
cece:why u had an attitude with it
dante:cuz i got it like that mama
cece: im not yo mama
dante:stop playin hard and give dante a kiss(puckers his lips)
cece:(smacks him)
dante:damn shawty what hell wrong with u
cece: yo ass the problem leave me alone
dante:(grabs her by her collar and brings her close to him) kiss me
prince:she said no god dammit!(prince is a row behind her)
cece: prince ..hiiii!
dante:well look at mr right coming to save his number 1 girl
prince:shut up before i knock the ****out of u!
dante:and imma cut yo **** off if u got one!
rayray:stfu up and let her go
dante:oh hell no u too
rayray:u got a problem
dante:yea yo face is the problem
rayray:say it to my face if u so bad
cece:dante dont!
dante:shut up and stay out of it!
prince:dont talk to my girl like that!
dante:your girl?!?
cece:aww im ur girl?
dante:no u mines
cece:im your ex not your girl
dante:(let's her go)ok then u choose! stay with me or i'll kill princeton if u choose him!
rayray:oh hell no see this where trouble start i came here for a game so imma go get some tacos,french fries...watever
cece:u will never touch him(moves up a row to where princeton is and holds his hand)
dante:dont be so sure(pulls out a gun)
cece:(starts crying)please stop what did her ever do to you
dante:he stole u! so it's u and me or the end of his life!
prince:take me!
cece:what are u doing?!?
prince:i'd rather die than loose u
cece:take me dante kill me
dante:no why would i do that
prince:cuz imma do this:(knocks gun out of hand but dante caught it grabbed cece and put the gun to her head)
dante:just for that i might kill u cece
prince:it wasn't her fault! let her go!
cece:(crying) prince im so sorry
prince:let go of her!
dante: i aint gonna listen to you
rayray:what the hell u doing man!?!
dante:afropuff wanna smack the gun out of my hand so im gonna kill cece
rayray:that doesn't sound like she did anything
prince:because she didn't
dante:shut yo ass up
rayray:just let her go enjoy the game and call it a day
dante:i dont play by anybody else's rules
rayray:their not rules their options
cece: i'll go out with u only if u dont kill me and u dont kill prince
dante:ight that's cool(drwas gun away from her head and let's her go)
cece:(winks at prince)
prince:hey dante
dante:wat's up
prince:this(knocks dante out)
(they enjoy the rest of the game and rayray's mom picked him up so cece and princeton walk home)
prince: that game was something
cece:sure was
prince:how did u even get in
cece:(deepens voice) im trey johnson
cece:i know i try hahahhahahahah
prince:(holds cece's hand)
prince:cece i love u very much i was just nervous to tell u that until i finally showed u the real real me at the game
cece:well prince when i was being rudely interupted by your messages and questions i was tring to ask u to a movie tonight
prince:oh sorry i'll make it up to you. how bout a movie tommorow night
cece:sorry family game night
prince:oh then i guess some other time
cece: i know how
cece: we can.. you know
cece:sure my mom wont mind she started when she was 16
prince;and were only 15
cece:she still wont mind trust me
prince :ok
(they walk in the house cece tells her mom wat they wanna do and her mom says " just be careful")
prince:u sure u wanna do this
cece: r u sure
prince:yea im ready
cece: me too
(they do it for the first time)
prince:that felt good
cece: i still want more but that's good for now
prince:u know i could spend the night rite
cece:u can?
prince:yea let me call my mom
(calls his mom)
prince:she said yea
cece:cool my brother has a t-shirt and basketball shorts that he never wore and doesn't want so could sleep in that
(prince takes a shower and few minutes later cece takes one sand they both get in thier pajamas and go to sleep)
(next moning)
prince:(downstairs cooking breakfast for cece and her family
cece:(yawns) good morning! mmmm wat smells so good
prince:im cooked breakfast
mom:cece are u cooking again
cece:no ma prince did
mom:(comes down stairs) prince i did not know u were a cook
prince:it's a family tradition to cook for your girlffriend's family once you've just met them.(winks at cece)
mom:(whispers to cece) i like this kid
dad:mmmm cece is that u cooking again
cece:no dad my boyfriend cooked
prince:yes sir im jacob but my friends call me prince for short
cece:daddy prince is from that group that i've been telling u about"mindless behavior"
dad:oh yeah your that kid with the afro
prince:yes that's me
dad:hey prince how about after breakfast me and you go for a walk outside get to know each other better
cece:so prince how u likin the family?
prince:i haven't met your brother yet
cece: he's at work but you'll like him
(prince and cece's dad are taking a walk having a conversation)
dad:so prince wat do u enoy doing on your free time?
prince:well i like to read, listen to music,excercize and stuff
dad:ok how much do u love cece
dad:alot or like you'd wanna marry her alot
prince:im only 15
dad:no i mean like if u was the age now would u wanna marry her
prince:oh then yes
prince:because she's sexy
dad:excuse me?
prince:i mean she's beautiful,talented,brave,and i love her
dad:ok that's all i wanted to know
(they go back inside)
cece:so how'd it go
prince:good i think he likes me

(hope u enjoyed)