my house
Later that Night

Prod:so uhh why are u here
Jessie:Prince will turn into a prisoner
Prince:why again
Jessie:i guess since we're gone my dad will say u kidnapped me
Prince:babe just go back to ur house n settle it with your parents
Jessie:im scared
Prod:ur her boyfriend go with her oh n ur grounded
Prince:says who
Prod:says Keisha very upset
Jessie:so what to do
Prince:ok i dont care if youre comin or not but im going to ur house
Prod:yall going forreal
Jessie:nigga is you blind
She slams the front door

The go in Princetons car

Prince:show me the way

After Ten minutes of driving they finally arrive...

Jessie:this is my tiny house
Prince:r u mad
Prince:this house is almost as big as mine
Jessie:so u say ok i think my mom is home

They open the dorr and this cute dog runs up to Jessie

Jessie:this is my dog mimi
Prince:shes cute
Mom:good night Jesica
Jessie:mom i know dads searching the whole state for me but im fine
Mom:i see that
Prince:im so sorry for all the trouble that ive caused
Mom:save it someone told me everything about u 2
Jessie:what who
Aaron comes out with his brother Ashton

Mom:want me to go get the soap young lady
Jessie:no mom
Mom:jessie y are u sneaking around with him
Jessie:mom why else would i i love him

holdup i did not just say that
End of POV

Prince:ok ill be outside
Jessie:afro puff pass ur ass inside
Mom:u luv him but does he love u
Prince:i love her more than words can explain
Jessie:mom give us a chance
Mom:i aint gon let u have sex with each boy u see
Jessie:what boys he is my first boyfriend and im 16
Mom:ok jess sit down
jessie:no u had me when u were 15
Mom:it was a mistake
Jessie:so im gonna go n make all my mistakes with princeton
Prince:no babe listen to ur mother
Prince:babe for me
Mom:i will take off some of ur punishments but you guys just have to be careful
Jessie:keep on talking
Mom:u can have friends over but there must be a parent in the house
Mom:i will give you ur phone back but u have to apologize to ur father
Jessie:hell n-
Prince:stay with it babe stay with it
mom:what was that
Jessie:ill apologize as soon as hes here
Mom:n for showing me how mature u r and not running away from home ur not grounded again
Jessie:thank you mom Babe lets watch tv upstairs
Prince:uh ok
Mom:be careful
Jessie:im not going so far mom

<><><><><><> UPSTAIRS<><><><><><><>

prince:ok what you wanna watch
Jessie:i wanna finish what we started
Prince:ohhh u a freak now
Jessie:you bet i am

Prince got ontop of her and started kising her
Jessie switches positions

Her mother opens the door slowly and looks at them

Mom:*knocks on the door* Jess
Prince:*starts kissing her neck*
Jessie:*moans* yea
Mom:ur fathers downstairs
Prince:*takes off her shirt and continues with the kissing*
Jessie:*moans louder* ill be down in a sec
Mom:i think yall might wanna stop
Jessie:but iit feels so good
Mom:it is so wrong now hurry up
Prince:*stops* i gotta go downstairs

He goes downstairs

Dad:*points a gun at him*
Jessie:mom what is this about *looks for her mother*
Dad:say goodbbye to ur mother
Jesie:where is she
Dad:Shes somewhere upstairs but if u move this boy gets it


Dafuq is wrong with dad

My dog