ayyyeee guyss omg been soooo damn long since i made a story....feels good to be bak just been busy with luv,friends,family,girl drama -_- but im bakkkk hope to see all my old readers read but anywhore bak to the storyyyy oh btw i need about 2 girlz for this story sooo just tell me if u want to be in it

lana pov
sup guys im lana im a 17 year old my life as a lil kid was NOT the best years of my life i was raped by my dad,beat my my brother, my mother died in my arms when i 10 killed by sum nigga but i mean ayye it couldnt get much worse but now im a wat u would call superstar i sing nd dance im touring with this group named MB but i DONT even like them -____- they annoy the fuck out of me talkin bout they will treat they girl right they probley fuck her nd dump her but oh well time to be fake as fuck but atlest my best friend angle she is in this group with me she dances nd raps but the thing is she is IN LUV with these heartbreakers
but i guess this is it bye now

angles pov
hiiiiiii im angle im 17 years old im the nice one out of me nd lana i mean i would be mean as fuck if half of that shit happened to me but this my ride r die hoe lol we in the group nd we finally got noticed nd its bye MINDLESS BEHAVIORRRR AHHHHH lol i luv themmm sooooo much lkr prod is my baby! but anyway i lived with my mom my dad left us when i was about 7 soo 10 years this dick was not in my life but i hope he dont think he will be in it now that i got money rolling in i only care about my mom nd baby sister nd baby brother nd my sister from another mista(lana) but we bout to go on stage infront of MB to show them wat we got hope lana dont fuck up cuz i know she dont like them but comeone look at her nd princeton they r sooooo damn sexy together but oh well byeee yalll
angle outfit
lanas outfit