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Fan fiction by awesomegirl101 posted over a year ago
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Prince: ( glares at diggy) you need to leave
Diggy:(smiles at bre, leaves)

Next day, mall-
Ray:( eating a taco) I ( chew) think( chew) I've ( chew) found( chew) my ( chew) mrs.right.
Roc; me too.
Prod: Moni got a nice ass.
Boys:( starring at him)
Prod: I mean Moni my mrs. Right too.
Roc: how r u and jenet???
Prince:( drinks fruit punch) fine.
Roc: did u and jenet talk about wat happened yesterday???
Prince: ( drinks fruit punch) yeah.
Prod; oh.
MB:( leaves )

Roc:( Knocks on Tt's door)
Random dude: ( answers the door) who you
Roc: I'm tt's bf.
random dude: I'm her brother Ty
Roc: 😰😰😰😰
Tt: roc wat r u doing here???
Roc: I have to talk to u.
Ty: well she's busy!!!
Tt: I'm not busy!!!
Ty: get inside Tt!!
Roc: don't talk to her like that!!!
Tt: just go roc
Ty: yeah go
Fan fiction by awesomegirl101 posted over a year ago
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Jenet's house-
Bre: so do u guys know diggy Simmons???
Ray : yeah.
Bre: I love him!!!!
Prince: he has a GF. She's my cousin....
Bre: I will kill her!!!!
Knock on the door.
Diggy: what's good niggas!!!( sitting next to bre)
Ray: sup diggy!!!
Moni: hey dig.
Roc: hey
Jenet: how u doin
Prince: wats good my dig man!!!
Prod: hey diggy
Ny: hi dig
Ray: we was just talkiing about u
Diggy: wat were u saying.
Ray;'bre luvs u!!!!
Bre:😳😳shut up ray ray
Diggy: I got sum thing to tell y'all....
Roc: wat???
Errybody: ( leaning in)
Diggy: dang back up!!! Y'all all up in my kool-ad
Prince: tell us already!!!
Diggy:shonell is pregnant!!!
Prince: nigga!!!! Nigga!!! Why u get my cousin pregnant.
( getting up and pushing diggy agianst tithe wall) why nigga !!!!
Diggy: I didn't do it!!! I'm not the father!!!
Fan fiction by Rock-n-Rollin posted over a year ago
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Destine: *on the phone* She's what?!?
Princeton: Rosie's trying to rape me!!!
Destine: Woah man! Where are you?
Princeton: Hiding in your closet...
Destine: How did you.... never mind, I'll be there in a minute!
Princeton: Okay....* here's Rosie* Ahhhhhh!!!!!!
Destine: Oh shit!!!! * hangs up the phone* * starts running*
At Destine's house......
Destine: *opens the door* Princeton? Rosie??? Come on Rosie! He's not interested! Stop harassing him!!!!
Rosie: * in a creepy voice* Princeton's my treasure! And I'll never let anybody have him!!!!!
Destine: Okay........ you're scaring me.....
Rosie: * jumps out of nowhere* Why you say that?
Destine: * scared to death* * screaming* WHAT THE HELL!!!! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?! * calms down* Okay.... let him go.....
Rosie: NEVER!!!! * evil face*
Destine: Princeton?!? Where are you???
Princeton: Upstairs!!!!
Destine: * runs up stairs* * finds Princeton*