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Fan fiction by avanzant12 posted over a year ago
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Hey guys this is my first imagine i nvere really did a story like this so read and i hope you guys enjoy.

So it the bright summer day in May and me and my family have move in to this new neighborhood and whatever ,i really didn't wanna move .so we have everthing un pack like blah .then we got a knocked own the door it was our next door neighbor ,i answer the door it was this cute boy with a afro ,me hello my name is heather and wat is your name the boy it jacob.his i call my momma the neighbor is dwn here my momma regina came dwn ,and said hi there my name is regina hall wat your name sanaa perze and this is my son jacob perze . I think our chirldren don all ready met smack jacob in the back of his head .

So i said momma i finna go to the mall and buy me a shirt to cut up and sme new short. Momma can pick me up sme pickels and mayo .me ugh why momma .momma cuz i said so girl. So i pick my keys up and finna go jacob say can i go ,me whatever cme own.
Fan fiction by ajmindless posted over a year ago
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So last time i wrote the girls had detention for skipping dance n the boyz were gettin freaky
Sasha has to come to detention 2 (bummer)

So Detention.....

Outifts: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=85383306

MF(Mr Fitz):oh heyyy
MF:would u mind telling me why yall were absent
Jessie: none of yo business
MF: ok yall here till noon
Sasha:but its 7 am
Kim:u cant do us that
MF: yes i can later if yall need me im in room 5

Jess gets out her phone n starts listening to music
Kim starts drawing on a notebook
Sash explores the place


Detention over bla bla bla

Sasha: jess im hungry
Jess:what u want to eat
Jessies Phone rings

Fan fiction by awesomegirl101 posted over a year ago
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Prince: ( glares at diggy) you need to leave
Diggy:(smiles at bre, leaves)

Next day, mall-
Ray:( eating a taco) I ( chew) think( chew) I've ( chew) found( chew) my ( chew) mrs.right.
Roc; me too.
Prod: Moni got a nice ass.
Boys:( starring at him)
Prod: I mean Moni my mrs. Right too.
Roc: how r u and jenet???
Prince:( drinks fruit punch) fine.
Roc: did u and jenet talk about wat happened yesterday???
Prince: ( drinks fruit punch) yeah.
Prod; oh.
MB:( leaves )

Roc:( Knocks on Tt's door)
Random dude: ( answers the door) who you
Roc: I'm tt's bf.
random dude: I'm her brother Ty
Roc: 😰😰😰😰
Tt: roc wat r u doing here???
Roc: I have to talk to u.
Ty: well she's busy!!!
Tt: I'm not busy!!!
Ty: get inside Tt!!
Roc: don't talk to her like that!!!
Tt: just go roc
Ty: yeah go