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News by Princetonlove01 posted 9 months ago
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Heart breaking news for loyal Mindless Behavior fans everywhere. Kontrol Magazine has been exclusively told that group member Prodigy is no longer with the group. Yes. You read it right. Lead singer Prodigy has left the building.

The group (who have been together since 2008) have enjoyed huge successes with hit singles such as(“My Girl” and “Mrs. Right). They have been a little quiet of late, but I certainly didn’t see this one coming.

Now i cannot give too much away, but the streets also tells us that “Like Em All” crooner Jacob Latimore will be Prodigy’s replacement. Latimore did go on tour with Mindless Behavior and Diggy Simmons for the 2011 Scream Tour “The Next Generation”, so could this shift have been a long time in the works? Hmmm… They seem to have made alternative arrangements pretty swiftly. Perhaps Prodigy as the lead singer feels that it’s time to go solo? Wouldn’t be the first time would it? (Word to Justin Timberlake).

Alas, this isn’t the first time we’ve had to say R.I.P to an original boy band line up. This seems to be a common theme amongst our young, successful and talented boy bands....
Fan fiction by avanzant12 posted over a year ago
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So recap we was getting a good night sleep now let go from there .

Me (pov ) I was having a good dream about Princeton he was just get me discombobulated lawd. Me Princeton this is just what I need and this feel good. Jacob I know baby kiss my neck and go lower.me oweeee Jacob stop doing this to me lol Jacob what kiss my neck ,me that right there get all discombobulated and horny 💦😍😘💦💦👄 . Jacob I thought you like that, I do but we got a daughter in the house know ,kiss his lips softly .
Then I heard a cry that woke me up and guess who it was 👶 baby Kay Kay @3:56 me what wrong baby pick her up and put her in my arms .she started smile and laugh you jus wanna be in momma arms,let go in here we're daddy is🙇 . So now we are in tha room wth daddy . Me said Kay Kay wake up daddy wake up daddy .princeton rolled over to see his lil girl eyes stareing at .princeton hey cute pick up Kay Kay . Me aww is she pweety 😍😘 yea jus like her momma ,aww thanks babe. Jacob what tyme is it ?⏰⏰ me it 4:40 in the morning me yawning 😴😴 .Jacob still playing with Kay Kay 💜👶 me tyme to wActh TV Kay Kay so you...
Fan fiction by awesomegirl101 posted over a year ago
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Lele:(opens the door)Jacob!!!
Jacob:(kisses her hand) you look beautiful tonight.
Loni:(runs downstairs) omg it's Princeton from mindless behavior!!!!im loni her older sister!!!!!
Prince:hey.you can call me Jacob.
Lele:ok well we gotta go now.bye loni!!!(walks out the door)
Lele and prince take a limo to a fansy restaurant.
Prince:you want me to orde for you??
Lele:sure. Ill just have a soda.
Prince: c'mon lele this is a fansy place, feel free to spend sum money.
Lele:ok then I'll have uh.....strawberry smoothie
Prince:that's better.😌😌
The waiter walks over to the table.
Waiter:hi I'm Diana how may I help you??
Prince:we'll have a bottle of shampaine .and the lady will have a strawberry smoothie
Prince:thank u.
Diana:your welcome(walks away)
Lele:your getting shampaine???
Lele: you trying to get me drunk???