Princeton (Mindless Behavior)
aww this is cute she loves Mindless Behavior so much and she meet them (:

i love the way she fall for mb..when she didn't even know that mb was there..guys don't miss this watch it and live some comments please ..thanks if you did
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WOW!!! I would of slapped someone if they scared me like that... but not MB. Princeton scared TH out of her that's why she dropped, Awww it's so cute how she LOVES them so much
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WOW.I feel realy bad for The ggirl and Princeton because they got bulled.but she got to go on tv and do their numder from mrs.right.and gt to meet mindless behavior.(mixed amotions)
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sahlef said:
I don't know why people would tease and bully princeton 'cause look at him now! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCETON!
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ray sound like he sick and u go girl keep ur head up
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