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alessandra_28 posted on Dec 06, 2009 at 01:28AM
Since a lot of tv shows have their own chat forum, I thought it would be nice to make one here too.

you know, a place where we can talk private practice, our favorite characters and couples, episodes, etc.
We can also talk about whatever we want, get to know each other and bond =)

alessandra_28 - Ale
beeibe - Beatriz
dazzlers - Kailey
laughinghGrl - Amy
louise0228 - Louise
Paramore-CSI - Jacky
SunnyDevil - Sunny
willanka - Gosia

If you want to be on the list just comment on the thread!!!
Since a lot of tv shows have their own chat forum, I thought it would be nice to make one here too.<b
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over a year ago alessandra_28 said…
I took the fastest shower ever!! lol

idk...I was planning to skip this week's episode but I went to the VP spot and someone told me on a pick that Pete said ILy Violet and then on facebook someone told me that so I decided to watch the episode!!
maybe I was so concentrate on ILY that i heard that but maybe i was wrong!!
damn natefused me!! shit!!

we need someone to tell us the thrut!!
over a year ago alessandra_28 said…
Jacky are you still here??

if you are then you were wrong baby!!
but thats good news!! I love you is better than Good night!!­rac­tic­e-r­evi­...­ug/

As for Addison, she couldn't help Dell since she was tied up with a sick Lucas and Pete. Her reward for nursing them back to health? Groggy Pete says: “I love you, Violet.”
over a year ago alessandra_28 said…
I just read your rant!!
i agree on everything!! this episode was really good!!
I loved all the storylines!!
over a year ago Paramore-CSI said…
ah ok good I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago alessandra_28 said…
this is dead already!
how sad :(
over a year ago Paramore-CSI said…
sorry no one was here so I never said how I felt about the episodes
over a year ago alessandra_28 said…
lol yeah I never said it either because no one comes to read!!
I just realized something shocking:

Paddison spot has 530 fans
ViPe only has 47!!
over a year ago Paramore-CSI said…
my mother just told me today she hated the end of PP cuzz violet came back
and she loves paddison and doesnt want violet back
and she also told me she loves sheldon!!!!!!!!!1and hates nay and fife!!!!!!!!!!

over a year ago alessandra_28 said…
I hate your mom!!
over a year ago Paramore-CSI said…
ahhh I know I was like what you cant like paddison and not want violet back
and sheldon ewwwwwwwwwwww
over a year ago bbiatch said…
is anyone out there?
over a year ago Paramore-CSI said…
ofcourse :)i forgot about this thread.