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Priyanka Chopra which is the best jodi(Couple)?

30 fans picked:
Shahid and Priyanka- Kaminey
John and Priyanka- Dostana
Harman and Priyanka-Love story 2050
Salman and Priyanka- God Tussi Great Ho
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 afgun-gurl posted over a year ago
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afgun-gurl picked Shahid and Priyanka- Kaminey:
Shahid and Priyanka are the best bollywood couple ever!!
shahid= hotest & cutest guy in bollywood, the 2nd best dancer in bollywood, the guy with the hotest body.
Priyana= the hotest gurl in bollywood, the person with the best body in bollywood, one of the best dancer in bollywood.
SHAHID+PRIYANKA= the best couple in bollywood...
posted over a year ago.
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brainy picked Shahid and Priyanka- Kaminey:
Wow, Kool couple! but Shahid loox best best Amrita... :) i m really xd for the release of Kaminey.... WOW!
posted over a year ago.
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sini12 picked Shahid and Priyanka- Kaminey:
yeah!!!!cool jodi..but not in kaminey........
posted over a year ago.